Hold On by Joe Wamsley

This track reminds of a garage band playing a synthesis of the Knack with U2. It's pleasant but the heavily processed sounds take some getting used to at first. They sound a little dated. It improves with successive listenings however. It would be easier to follow the lyrics if they were posted. They have no story just exhortation trying to encourage believers to share the message? to embrace the message? it's not really clear but the desire to encourage is. The song has some nice ideas musically and the execution won't replace the superstars with unlimited budgets but has a place and an audience. Give it a listen.


I know that Your Friends will tell You.. "It is a Great Song"...but The Truth is far away..remember Vocal MUST be in Tune.. and singer is way off in some parts which is No Go in Music Industry..I also do not hear anything special in Arrangement Part .. I really Think that Music Publishers and Radio Stations will agree with me..so the best Idea is to re record Your song with Much better Singer and also make more interesting background..( as It is now is very predictable ).. I wish You good luck..

Simple but effective

Joe Wamsley's recording of "Hold On" is simple but effective straight ahead rock and roll, with lyrics that are surprisingly idealistic and inspiring. The sound is basic: drums, bass, guitar, and one lead vocal, no harmonies, no synth, no gimmicks. From a mix standpoint, it is about right throughout, except that when the vocal drops out, it's okay to turn the band up and feature the lead. Near the end of the song, where the vocal is sing "Holding on" and the band has mostly dropped out, the drums rush the vocal a little, going from phrase to phrase. Keep on rocking for the Kingdom!


This as cool and your music will be sent out ASAP I have been helping many will bring your stuff to many other people hopefully you will do the same for me enjoy these New Years and keep on going

You Sir, Are Speaking My Language!

Normally when I review songs on N1M, i listen to various sections and skim through the song just enough to get a feel for how it sounds... But serious props to you--I listened through the entire song without realizing it because right from the get-go, you captured my attention with your down-to-earth instrumentation, the old school sound of your vocals (with that room-y style reverb) and how they carry the song perfectly, as well as the simplicity and depth that is so evident in your lyrics. I always love hearing some feel-good, whimsical rock & roll; the kind that makes you think of cruisin' down the highway with the wind in your hair and the volume dialed up so high you can't even hear yourself think--but sprinkle in a healthy pinch of Christian-based lyrics that deliver a powerful message, and a generous dash of spiritual joy you can vibe to... You my friend, most certainly crushed, nailed, AND killed it. Favorited & Followed. - xo Rebecca Boux (singer/songwriter/producer and proud Jesus Freak.)


This is a Nice Idea for a song..I like it but is has to be worked on.. some parts of Vocal are off the tune.. so the best way is to rerecord it with better Vocalist..as it is now is ok to perform Life Concerts but has a small chance to be played on The Radio.. try to send It to Them and let see what They will say.. on the other note Music Publishers are very Hard to please ..so is always a good idea to send Them The Best Work..I wish You good luck with pitching.. Good Job...


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding non stop you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep workin

Good song, but need to bring up vocals

Its probably a little late for this review, but I think you are entitled to a honest opinion not as a musician, but as a listener. First of all I would bring the vocals out a bit more some of them sat back in the mix the song overall it catchy ,but repetitive. Your definitely need a wailing guitar solo in the middle of the song with guitar licks accenting your vocal in some parts not all the time rhythm guitar is a little to much effects and bring out your bass druns were fine but more rolls during the chorus would have been nice . over all the song has potential if you were to sit down and listen to it again and again .also more harmonies with a couple of female background vocals especially in the chorus and in certain parts of the songs. the mix wasn't bad at all except bringing your vocals out to shine up the song Joyce Sirois


I have listened very carefully to "hold on" your piece of music and I can tell you with a lot of frankness that the piece is very nice, well structured, musically valid. what I like is that you feel that the piece is played live, you can feel the pen on the strings of the guitar and the chopsticks that play on the drum and this way of playing characterizes the musician as I mean it. congratulations to the drummer and to the guitarist.

Sounds awesome!

Listening to your song and it was the first time I've listened to Christian Rock music. I enjoyed it. The sound of the drums are point! Keep Holding on to his unwavering hand and never let go! Stay blessed and continue to make good music.


Cool chord beginning,the mix is good,voice up front,understandable lyrics is always important decent tune,drum good , Lead us home,message is important too.always thumbs up for the message of Christ.nice changes,,it’s hard to tell how the mix is on iPad speakers,but passing the test,it took along time to get to the hook,hold on,not a great song,but good,rocks and moves well. Keep the message going and goos look with your ministry.pray for the holy spirits guidance and gifts,music,lyrics,intent,content etc are all available for the asking.ptl

Personal Expression

an interesting expression of devotion to Him and can I really review this heart felt prayer through music? I think not! It had a very Indie feel and was a simple rock melody to share his message.



Hold On!

Wow! This is a Song of Unity! I love the voice. I sense the anointing and unction on this song that speaks the heart of His Bride and Jesus. I love the rushing beat of the percussion that keeps the momentum of the urgent message of this song rushing ahead. The words are of a heavenly tone. Keeping our eyes focused on Jesus and what He Promises are to keep us until the day of His Soon Coming return. Very anointed musical composition. Keep moving in the Spirit!

Nice song

Hi Joe! Thanks for the review request. You asked about the mix of the song. I had to turn my speakers way down in order to hear it without being distorted so I think it is definitely over processed. My volume is literally on 25! Normally I listen to music at a volume of around 75-80. Otherwise, the instrumentation is nicely placed in the mix and the vocals are clear to hear. I would keep learning your gear and also, my advise is to mix at a relatively low volume. If you mix at lower volumes, you can hear the overall mix much better and you don't burn out your ears trying to get it right. Once you think you are in the ball park of a finished mix, then crank it up and see how everything lays in the mix. Best of luck to you and God bless!
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