This is how you do ROCKIN BLUES! \,,/

Speaking volumes to me from the get-go. I love this approach to the Blues! Beautiful guitar work! Unlike most of the blues tunes I hear on sites like this, THIS is a great mix! Everything punches through with good clarity and can be heard. The vocal delivery is very strong, and I love it! The arrangement is great, the instrumentation is great, the vocals are great, and the energy is great! Solid 4.5/5.0, and I will be sharing this tune. Great work!

Excellent blues!

Really liking this stuff! The addition of the horn section adds a genuine touch of New Orleans soul and the interplay between the horns and the bluesy, ballsy guitar solos are really unique in todays music landscape. The loping bass line isnt complicated but sounds very 60ish, almost Pink Panther theme-ish. In the middle section, where the horn solo is followed by guitar solo, the backing music seems to drop out a tad, making what should be a robust highlight a tad thin, but really splitting hairs as this is just a great sounding tune and refreshingly different!


Keep On Livin'... a great mantra. The tune starts out with a cool little bluesy riff and that saxophone wailing. Leading into something that sounds like Stevie Ray and when the vocals kick in, the underlying driving riff carries the tune with energy. Vocals delivered solid, and that message, of course, keep on living. A really nice guitar solo after the first verse, into another sax solo. Great arrangement, that standard formula for great blues and R&B. Good job, let's hear more!

Keep on Livin' Joe Miranda & The Kings of Texas

Anybody that's ever ridden all day on a Harley and stopped to relieve the vibrations of your gentlemanly parts and a screaming bladder will definitely relate to this song, as it is more than likely. exactly what you will hear as soon as you go through them swingin' doors of that roadside Texas Saloon, for relief and a Shot and a Beer. This song will make you go grab a Heifer off a Hog in a Heartbeat and hit the dance floor and dance her till she drags you out and down the road to the No tel motel for a bit of Romance. I appreciate this kind of music as I played a lot of it when I was a lot younger, playing a lot of Wayne Cochran, & the CC Riders, music, Bob Seeger and some Joe Ely, Lee Michales, and Blue Cheer music. I love that plug it in turn it up and crank up the reverb sound that sorta kinda muffles the roar of all the Harley's in the parking lot. Fun music and the kind of band everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. Rough and Raw and played by some good Blues Rockers, Rock on Joe and the Kings keep doin' what y'all do. Tom Wiggins an da boys in da band

Great Texas-Blues!

Hi Guys, I really like this track, wonderful Texas-Blues with a great voice, nice rhythm section and perfect guitars ...and those horns are just fantastic! That‘s the way it must be! Congratulations! I am wondering how you guys sound live :-) Keep on rockin!

Fabulous Tune

In the tradition of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Joe Miranda and the Kings of Texas lay down that heavy, horn laden, blues truth: If the blues hasn't touched you yet, just keep on livin". This tune kept me rockin for hours. It's a refreshing combination of old school blues sensibilities and a solid modern arrangement. This one doesn't disappoint.

Keep On Livin'

driving bass , rowdy sax , great vocals and guitar. what else cold you ask for . This is a great band with great talent . I would be proud to recommend this group anytime , any place . The production on this piece is great also . No reason at all for this group to go to the top , Cliff

You guys are kicking!

Wow I think this sounds damn good. Music, vocal, I like everything about it. It sure sounds like it has a lot of Stevie Ray bouncing around in there. Bet you guys are fans of his. He was one of the best and the guitar work in this song sounds a lot like him. Keep up the good work man. I give you thumbs up!

Keep Pushing

I really like the song and the message a very nice and unique and creative song well composed and well put thank you for sharing your craft with the world keep on going and making great music hope my comments been helpful for you have a great day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

keep on livin

I think this track is way cool especially the way it kicks off with the sax REMINDS ME OF THE BLUES BROTHERS Jake and Elwood would be proud for sure and there are a number of complimentary riffs going on which seem to add to its diversity if I was to walk into a blues bar this is exactly the kind of sound you would want to be greeted by and the place would be rocking out it just goes to show just when you think you have explored all the 12 bar blues there are still more great tunes out there in this genre


I do like this tune. The band is skilly and I like the overall groove. Listening to a sax in a rock blues tune is great. Great interplaying and good bandship. Maybe I would improve just the production and something about the arrangement: the sound overall is not as good as the song is and a sharper production would have made this song shine more. Anyway I like your song, thumbs up!

Keep On Livin

Keep On Livin sound is very great like Johnny Winter and Peter Gunn , nice guitar Tone , i like the Voice and Sax too . Texas Blues >>> SRV . Very Nice Tune Keep On Livin sound is very great like Johnny Winter and Peter Gunn , nice guitar Tone , i like the Voice and Sax too . Texas Blues >>> SRV . Very Nice Tune Keep On Livin sound is very great like Johnny Winter and Peter Gunn , nice guitar Tone , i like the Voice and Sax too . Texas Blues >>> SRV . Very Nice Tune Keep On Livin sound is very great like Johnny Winter and Peter Gunn , nice guitar Tone , i like the Voice and Sax too . Texas Blues >>> SRV . Very Nice Tune

What you say?

The music is pretty good and goes where it wants to. I suspect that the band likes playing so much that they do not want the vocalist interrupting their mood and make him stand outside the back door. Either that, or the sound recording is far too loud. Nevertheless, it rocks right on down the line.

Keep On Livin'

Congratulation for your whole work, the feeling blues and rock are present with the truth and real-life experience, I also wish you many audience for the present and the future of your group as well as beautiful inspirations and beautiful energies **♫**

Phat and sassy!

Though not breaking any new ground this is a high energy tune that can really get a toe tapping! Solid musicians in all the positions and a good clean mix. No doubt this would be a fun band on the live stage.
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