Joe Meyer / A Slice of Life / Give Me a Sunny Day

Feeling good

You can put a song on and change your mood. This is a perfect example of how to make yourself feel better by clicking a button. Joe's soothing voice gives this great song a warm texture that can warm a cold heart. The song has a lovely balance in the mix of the instruments which makes it easy to listen to and follow. The lyrics and pattern have plenty of interest and changes and culminates in a well written song. Beautiful !

What did I feel? What I heard?

Because I do not have English language proficiency, I will focus on music. What I felt listening to his music was a sense of peace, like a sunny Sunday walk with birds singing happily and I still have dreams to perform and loves to feel, what I heard was a simple song with a simple orchestration more well placed making the parts of the song proceed in the most natural, his voice is perfect for that kind of musical aesthetics, success and big hug.

Sweet song akin to sunny side of life

Ajoe has a pleasant easy to listen to voice, although I don’t care for the old fashioned backup vocals. This song has a positive message and upbeat style that will appeal to baby boomers and people from the northern part of our country.

Give me aSunny day

Its very nice to here your voice This Song makes me happy and I think i got a sunny Day when I here this lovely Song. The Mix is very professionel . All I can say is I like it very much Greats from Germany G.W.Scott

Sweet lyrics! :)

The vocals are skillful and wonderful...but they sound a little "flat" (in terms of quality, not pitch lol)....I am wondering if maybe it is a microphone issue? As in: you need a different/better microphone? Or maybe just some EQ adjustment, I don't know. Anyway overall the track is very nice. Really the only thing I can think to suggest is to enhance the guitar sounds and tone down the keys. But that is just a personal preference, I guess.

Cheerful and Upbeat

This song has a happy, cheerful, and uplifting melody which matches well with the title Give Me a Sunny Day. I didn't quite follow the story line of your lyrics, but I know you were having fun with your rhymes! Keep on writing making music!

Give Me a Sunny Day

A pick me up song that we all can relate about. With love, relationships and with everyday life. At whatever phase in life you find yourself in moment and time. A sunny day always seems to make all OK! Give Me a Sunny Day!!

Give me a sunny day

Joe Meyer has done it agan. Another pleasing rendition of an original idea put to music that is pleasing to the ear palette. Arrangement: A nice collection of smooth melody, harmony, and back up sounds of easy pop tunesmithing. Lyrics: Easy to listen to, well thought out in scope and feel. Vocals: Clean and vibrant vocals throughout the song. Not oversung, flows just right. Well done! Mix: The mix is just a tad underdone. It is mixed well, but I think there could be more level on the rhythm; the keyboard strings should have a little bit more presence, or perhaps some deeper reverb ambience. The vocal track could be eased back just a bit, with an added touch of reverb like........small club setting to fit nicely into the other tracks placed into a live stage ambience.'s very tasty, but need a bit more gravey. Keep up the good work! Donivan.

A Happy Song

This is a bright and happy song which I enjoyed very much. The singing was excellent and the backing track suited the lyrics. I think that Joe Meyer has a future in music and I wish him all the luck in the world - Malcolm Cumming

This song let you dream

This easy listening song combines traditional music in pop style. I love the intro with the hamond-organ who brings immediately some more interest into the song. The intro feels like a story and the singer has a rather unique voice and sympathetic vocal projection. The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul. The refrain is lovely and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. The song is not overly complex. There is immediately a great space with a perfect played acoustic guitar which carries the recording. The sound from the keyboards make it complete. The backing melody is forced by a repeating organ sound. This extra factor brings additionally beauty into the song. I find it extremely good and Joe Meyer has great talent. This is definitely a professional composition. But why do I tell this? Well, you might be a music fan looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for good music. This one must be a radio hit and it´s original. Listen to the song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

il faut remixer

salut Joe ,pour moi ton mixe et a refaire mais bon c pas le plus grave ,je trouve que les sons que tu utilises ne sont pas du tout a jour , la production sonne bon marche surtout parce que les instruments ne joue pas bien ensemble si tu vois ce que je veux dire ,la chanson en elle même pas grand chose a dire ,je pense qu il y a moyen d améliorer le resultat ,


Hey Joe, I am an instant fan! This is a very well written song, with great back up singers and harmonies with your voice.Very talented composition with the timing and percussion. Great blend of the Keyboard Organ & the Acoustic Guitar.You picked the right instruments , chords and all the best for this song. It could be a classic like John Denver's Sunshine On My Shoulders. Keep The Songs Rolling to us fans!

Give me a sunny Day

A good bright start which had me interested, lovely harmonies, A positive longing song,"Give me a Sunny Day". It made me think of positive times ahead. I thought it was a well written song and a good catchy rhythm. I think you have done really well with this .


Bonita canción de amor, pero realmente si ese amor existe no tiene porque ser triste aunque esté en la lejanía, debe quedar el momento esperanzador del reencuentro. La música como la voz y la melodía me parecen geniales. Me gusta esta canción. Beautiful song of love, but really if that love exists it does not have to be sad even if it is in the distance, it must be the hopeful moment of the reunion. Music like the voice and the melody seem great to me. I like this song.

A pleasure to listen to

Very pleasant song to listen to. Vocals blended well with the background music, very well mixed. Nice music to sit back and have a cocktail to, felt myself swaying to the music with a smile on my face as I listened to "Give me a Sunny Day". Keep up the good work Joe!
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