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This ballad reminds you, what's going on ...

A song with important message. The lyrics from the feather of J.M. Olay tells us an engaging story about live and the development of events beyond personal control, regarded as determined by a rough power. The songtext comes from the heart and touches the soul, but the whole composition is more various. There are virtuos played acoustic guitars which making the introducing in this wonderful arrangement. They also carrying the whole recording with nice tunes. You will hear brilliant strings in the backround making this composition complete. This is a extra factor what brings really feeling into the song. The refrain is clear and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. This recording is definitely professional and very creative, influenced by folk and pop perfect arranged. I can feel the meaning of this wondeful ballad regardless of the language (the lyrics are added in English translation) and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

with headphones

I like to listen to this song with headphones. The tones of the guitar are different... You will probably realize that soon. You will notice that it's extreme beauty of a delicate music. That's by "with headphones"


Good quality recording. I can't speak to the lyrics because my Spanish speaking skill is quite low. I do feel that the chord sequence is well written and the instrumental part of the song is well mixed.

A pleasant sound

Has a lot of pick noise, although I like the sound of the guitars. Usually the vocals would be a bit louder than instrumentation and I feel like the guitars are a little overpowering. The orchestra sounds are a nice addition. It builds nicely using the orchestra. The softer sounds near the end are a cool change. Overall I like the combination of instruments but the guitar is a bit too loud and bright for my taste..

My Manhattan review

I hope to give you a point in the best direction. I don't speak spanish, however. I enjoyed the vocal melodies. The background orchestrations are very well written. The song was great. My only advice would be to focus more on the finished audio quality. Lees reverb perhaps? I would love to hear the orchestration more in the overall mix. the songwriting part of the song is fine to me. I would focus on getting a consistently better quality sound in the mixing part. My other recommendation other than that would be to keep doing the good work that you did here. Cheers! Break a leg.


Me parece muy interesante e importante el mensaje que están mandando en esta canción, la música es sencilla pero bien ejecutada, lo cual permite enfocarse en la letra de la canción, me agradó bastante. Y no, no compremos Manhattan


Jean Paul writes: "Damit aber derselbe eine Empfindung erwecke, muß er sinnlich angeschauet werden in einer Handlung oder in einem Zustande; und das ist nur möglich, wenn die Handlung als falsches Mittel die Absicht des Verstandes, oder die Lage als Widerspiel die Meinung desselben darstellt und Lügen straft." This seems to be the case here.

Acoustic punch

This is a fun track. I really liked the rawness of the acoustic guitar. It conveyed a solid attitude that doesn't alway happen easily with that kind of instrument. I do not speak fluent spanish, so I can't comment on the lyrical content, but I do like that the vocal wasn't too smothered in reverb, and has a good presence. The singer has a solid voice. If i were to offer a criticism, I would only say that I like the impact of the strings in the chorus sections, but if the mix had a little more room to make that more impactful, it would have been better. That said, it wasn't a big problem, and didn't distract from what I think was being conveyed in the track. Good job!

Reminds me of Big Star

First of all, forgive this reviewer for not understanding the lyrics. If nothing else, the delivery is interesting, and I'm sure the lyrics match it. This track reminds me of something Big Star or Alex Chilton would have done except maybe modernized a bit. I liked the production a whole lot. The artist went to great lengths to make sure the key tags and such were in the right places and not overbearing. I sort of wish the acoustic guitar had a warmer sound, but overall I find this track worth listening to more than once. Check it out.

original and good.

A sharp acoustic guitar starts, announcing a folk-rock feel to come soon. The bridge (or is it a chorus) comes along nicely, and then well-chosen strings appear, followed by a surge in the singing : i love the mix of the guitar(s) and the strings that follow, creating a weave of 'new' sound. The song is too short to be boring (might be a little longer, actually) and it's a good one : the only thing i resent is the voice -it sounds like any spanish/south american rock act singing, I would appreciate a newer voice. But it's a good track anyway.

buena cancion

Hola. Qué tal. Buena cancion. Porque mi castellano no es bueno, voy a continuar en inglés. Nice song. I couldn't understand the lyrics too well, but it's musically well recorded. I definitely like the guitars. What I did understand was "agradecer" which is a very positive and joyful word, and as your song is about Manhattan I understand that you proclaim a positive thing. What you should try more, mr Olay, is form a composition with a vast theme ( perpetuum mobile; that's Latin...) and... shape it into a form that aligns with the traditional rules of singer-songwriting. Check: Rikky Rooksby, The songwriters sourcebook, songstructures. You DO have a lot of talent, don't understand me wrong, and your song bursts with positive energy. Curious for more of yours. Check out my music: N1M search: spiceypete Greetz from Pieter B., Ghent, Belgium


The poetic truth of a screwed up world. This is a beautiful, rythmic song that reminds me of folk music in the bars of Europe. The lyrics are clever, interesting and thoughtful with plenty of attitude. The recording captures a great performance and is only lifted by the accompaniment. The strings clyde and pick over a strong guitar back bone and give the listener the cherry on the cake. I like cake and this is a doozy ! Peter T. Newton


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