J.M. Olay / Muzak / La reina, el bufón y el hombre de dios

It’s Only Words... And In Any Language A Great Pop Song Is... Well... A Great Pop Song...

If You Can Love A Song Without Understanding A Single Word Than That Speaks volumes about the strength of the Music... And the talent of the artist... Only Artists such as Bob Dylan or Mick Jagger can be lyrically vague, as If they are singing another language and yet get their point across beautifully and not piss off a single fan... it easily explains why this Talented Artist is Topping The Charts here on N1M and something tells me he’s no stranger to the nosebleed areas of any musical chart. I am a Musical artist and I have been a Music Critic in my Lifetime actually at the sametime which makes me feel an extra responsibillity to be as honest and unbiased as humanly possible... I have reviewed new releases for a major publication and if this song wasn’t damn near flawless in its intention... I would be very straight forward... letting you know that you’ve come up short... However this is a Great piece of stylized pop that is summed up by answering a couple of qualifying questions... Is it infectious... Yes! Is it fully realized... Yes! Does it come up short in fidelity Absolutely not... This is my kind of Alternative Pop and I will only listen to a track a couple of times before beginning my review because there is truth to the fact that.. Anything that we hear over and over again can stick to our brains like super glue sticks to our skin and very little else. The true test is... can I Instantly love a song but not too much so as to tire of it very quickly. If this was a 4 minute track I might have had something to say about over milking an idea but it’s perfect J.M. You are clearly a professional artist and you know how to craft a tune for Just about Everyone... even those of us who don’t speak Spanish to appreciate... because you can capture the feel of this kind of track without missing a beat it’s hard to find fault with it whether sung in English Swahili or Spanish your so accomplished at your craft this is the only thing I will add To what must feel like to most anyone reading this... I’m a hopeless fanatic. With the wide exceptance of your music presently, I would hope you never stop challenging hourself and you keep breaking new ground and keep growing... Artists who know how to create for a large following sometimes get lazy and phone it in... You absolutely do everything on this track to take it up a notch... I believe you will top this too in No time. I respect your artistry so much I don’t want to see you get to comfortable with the reception your getting and stop growing as an artist.., in this case it would be a true disservice to those of us that love what you can do... when your all in.... Great Job J.M. You truly deserve every bit of what you reap from this particular effort 4.5 stars I left off 1/2 star as a critic I never give 5 stars unless you were nearing the end of a long career because brilliant artists have to keep reaching and should never think they have arrived... Great artists need to always want to write that perfect song and to think you Have achieved Nirvana is to stop shooting for the the ultimate musical event that lies ahead. I hope “La Reina” even in its superb craftsmanship is just a step on the way for you... if I could make a wish at your expense it would be to hear you cut your tracks in various languages eventually so everyone can get 100% of what you do so brilliantly for you to pull back even in the slightest bit should never happen and at this point, You JM Olay have a lot of music... we who appreciate your talent don’t ever want to see compromised. MA

La Reina

Excitement is the phrase that pays listening to La Reina. The riffs that chop this song up are magnificent and are well supported by horns and amazing drums and bass. The vocal delivery is passionate and expressive and even though it's not in my native language, it's the energy that holds this track together. This is a first class track and I doubt if you can find a better, well crafted song on N1M. Fantastic ! Peter T. Newton

Awesome Sound!

Me gusta mucho esta canción. No entiendo todas las palabras pero entiendo la idea general. (Estoy usando un traductor para escribir esta crítica) ¡La instrumentación es increíble! Esta banda me recuerda a Elvis Costello por alguna razón, pero también a otras bandas británicas de finales de los 70 y principios de los 80. Me gustaría escuchar más y ver a dónde irá este grupo en el futuro. Espero que el grupo tenga conciertos y se escuche en público. Si no, deberían concentrarse en construir una audiencia local y hacer un recorrido. La gente disfrutaría bailando con esta música. Doy 2 pulgares hacia arriba para J.M.Olay!

"Live Rock"

J.M. Olay has a real nice Cars/ Green Day Vibe goin' on* It's nice to hear real musicians playing + recording tracks. The band is tight and you'll be rockin' tonight if you check out this track by J.M. Olay. Keep Rockin'*


Great production all round. Bass and guitar sit very well in the mix, the vocal is brilliantly recorded and well set, the slapback delay on the vocal works perfectly, I didn't hear any autotune which is brilliant. The song has a great feel to it, Latino or Italian Rock.

Cavalier Review

We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China.

hi !

I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!! I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!!

Review of La reina, el bufón y el hombre de dios

very good, nice job on the recording too! You guys have a great band and you guys rock. I just finished listening to La reina, el bufón y el hombre de dos and it's quit good! I wish you guys the very best!

Stay that way and all will be OK!

Great performance, good production and mix overall. I like the way this song is moving with the guitars along with the brass instruments, which sounds very good. Good voice and singing, entertaining to me and far away from being boring. This song has an overall positive vibe, which leads to a positive mood and the conclusion to hit the repeat button. Stay that way and all will be OK!

Great Spanish Rock

This track has a great vibe to it. The words are in Spanish but the music is internationally appreciable. I grew up with Argentine Rock and this brings me back nostalgically. It reminds me a lot of Calamaro and the great pop blues era in Spanish rock. A feel-good song that is uplifting by its beautiful melodies and production qualities. Strongly recommend a listen.

Good Spanish Rock

Clear vocals a killer guitar riff and what might appear to be the precision of a studio band. All lend themselves credibly to this fine piece of rock music. Easy to listen to, but oh what a groove! Terrific piece of music in a day and age where everything sounds almost the same, this is a refreshing change.One can hear the lyrics, but it doesn't diminish the guitar, the beat or any other facet of this fine piece of must. Excellent, I want to hear more of J.M.Olay!


Wow, what a big sound ! I really like it -the backing is also an intelligent mix of several pieces, and they work well together ! The whole song is very powerful and the lyrics sound full of humour and irony (but it's difficult to have an opinion : no me acuerdo de mi castellano, que estudio hace 20 anos -lo siento !). What I also dig is the use of stereo to its maximum extent -you can clearly 'see' where the instruments come from. The drawbacks : perhaps the singing/the voice sound, because I have listened to lots of spanish rock (or from latin america : Enanitos Verdes..) and the vocals always sound the same ! Why ? But anyway, I like this number, with its horns, guitars, power, and I am not afraid of giving four stars for this track ! Continua asi, hombre !!!!!

Engaged song about foreign rule

This is a powerful arrangement in which the brass-section dominates the song. Liked it right from the start. After that J.M. Olay beginns with his unique vocals but the whole composition is more various. He accompanes the song with the guitar and brings the listener with a great solo on the next level. This extra factor brings increasing feeling into the song. The rythm often changing in the bridges and the drummer is playing his parts very engaged and straight. This song consists of a virtuos cast of musicians, who understand what good music is about. The lyrics are a cynicallly farewell to the Queen, who in conjunction with the Church making people their subjects. The refrain makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. Overall a really impressive and professional composition and definitely very creative. I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Universal Appeal

This is a good dance track…..I can only swear in Spanish, but the pulse of this track needs no translation. Good job….would like to know the recording system used…I use Garageband, love it, and recommend it


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