JLT Records / Dependable God / Holy is the Lamb (Maxwell AU)


The song catches listener's attention right from the beginning.. blends wonderfully with the background beat...voice just perfect for this kind of melody.. chorus backing is used perfectly...and makes the song more beautiful.. the lyric is great.. and last but not the least I love the voice. look forward to see it beating the charts..

A gospel song

"Holy is the lamb" is, like the name say, a gospel song. It's well and modern produced, with good singers that develops through a cool beat into a tradicional gospel song that i easily could imagine with a huge black choir singing it. The musical development is interesting, although a bit predictible. The bridge could bring more to the song building a more grandious ending.


Very nice and heart felt vocals. Very sweet vocal effect and layers of voices that resonate very nicely. This track is very well balanced and brings beautiful praise to the Lord God! I really hope this song gets good exposure!

Musical artistry and worship at its best

JLT Records' recording of "Holy is the Lamb (Maxwell AU)" is moving and genuine worship. The vocalists are very talented, and the simple instrumentation of electronic keys, drums, and bass are simple and perfectly mixed. The Caribbean rhythm and unhurried grace create a mood of soul deep praise. Musical artistry and worship at its best.

Good Song

This song is the truth. I can feel all the passion and energy. Even though you are not yelling and screaming to make a point. I can tell that every verse that you sing is exactly what you believe and know.


I was expecting something much better ..to tell You truth I have a mix reaction.. they are some good parts in This song It need some work to make It a good Song.. I got a Question for You..Do You Really like This song to be Sung at Mass Celebration..it will be ok to sing It at The Concert but It need a Much better Arrangement..Try to send It to some Music Insiders and let's see what They will say.. but I have a feeling that They will agree with me..if I be You I will re record It with better Arrangement and Vocal.. after that pitch to Music Publishers and Radio ..I wish You good luck..


Love this song,beautiful voice and melody and anointing,love the backups and beat,we will worship the king here,too good for mortals,can’t say more.wish I’d written this,Africa’s influence in the melody and reggae fruit.


This is a lovely song my dude I play it alot Now I got my wife playing it in her car... Keep up the great work my dude......@pmyvett..@pmyvett..@pmyvett..@pmyvett..@pmyvett..@pmyvett..@pmyvett..@pmyvett..@pmyvett


Holy is the Lamb - Maxwell AU - Lorne James review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


I do not know what happen... but The Recording Quality is so bad..I do not think any Radio Station or Music Publisher will take time to listen..so there is not much to say about The Song.. in Today Music World You must have a Great Song with Superb Quality..and Your is not..work on It.. make it better.. again The way is now The Chances are Extra Slim..I wish You good Luck with New Recording..


I was completely surprised looking at the band photo and hearing this music. It still doesn't;t match for me, but i really LIKE it! A lovely rhythmic flow ,excellent harmonies and well orchestrated. Holy is the Lamb is inspirational, wonderful to listen to and I can see sharing with someone special sitting before a fireplace and.........


This is not Your best song I must say.. not much is going on in It..vocal is ok..I do not think Radio Stations will "jum" and put It on Theirs Play List... Music Publishers are Hard to please so I think You must come up with something much better..on the other hand is ok to use it in Your Church ( between People You know ).. in other places it will be a hard "sel"...I wish You good luck with pitching..try to rerecord a better version of It and let's see what will happen...

Cool Song

I think the song is cool. The production is ok. I would have changed a few things like brighten the background vocals to make them a little clearer and maybe a few more instruments. Also do a break down or a drop.

Holy is the Lamb

Interesting production. decently mixed, background vocals are done well. Lead vocal is done well. Instrumental is minimalist to a positive. Effects used on the voice is well used. song structure is sound.
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