JLT Records / JL the Cool Jay (A Rap Collection) / This Cold (JL the Cool Jay)

clever tune!

Windsor, Ontario’s JLT Records has produced a fun spoken-word track entitled This Cold (JL the Cool Jay). The lyrics are great and the backing electronic rhythm section is well-layered. The horn section adds a nice touch.

Don't catch a cold

I don't know what to say or how to consider this but the description does say "you'll hate for this to be taken seriously". I sense rap/jazz influence in this song but I can't relate to it at all.


A really good banging ???? song digging your flow.Now this is what real good for the suppose to sound like can you send me the link to the song that way I can download brotherThank you so much for sharing your music with me keep on creating great music and never stop making awesome music.Have wonderful day and may God continue to bless you in all your hard work cus it's never about us it's about blessing souls with our gifts that God has granted you and I peace my brother

Gonna take a lot of hot tea and lemon

I caught "This Cold, by JL the Cool Jay" and it's going to take a lot of hot tea and lemon to get over it. I like the electronic percussion and the extensive use of sax (can't tell if it's live or synth). The lyrics are very creative, and straightforwardly honest, trying to create something viral off the cuff, without having a lot to say. "Germ of an idea." A pun. Wow.


This Cold (JL the Cool Jay) review. this song is a strictly fusion piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in fusion style as I said everything recalls the fusion genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a fusion piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


Funky beginning,kinda rap,funny words,and good groove,though rap isn’t my cup of tea this is good,don’t want no cold no no,kinda of a jazz change there,would like a louder bass riff pushing this,but good for a mused commercial ha ha little monsters chasing me,catch me if you canl how to write 300 words about this,cute,catchy pun intended.you guys are good and entertaining so I’m about done here,I think I’m catching a cold,ha ha

Cool song

Hi! I think that it is a Rock that also mixes Hip-hop elements that I felt as an unusual type of Rock style. I think that the dynamic trumpet? of the beginning and the last is a very magnificent and a good idea.i think that the balance is good throughout and it is an excellent work thank you
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