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Great song as you said for the next party! Very catchy. I also like when you did the Bridge then went to your Instrumental. The chorus was easy enough to follow. You did a nice job this track!

Happy summer song

This is a nice poppy song. It makes you look like a pigeon... Production is done well and sound is clear and everything is balanced very well. This is mostly made for radio station and played on the beach on a sunny day. Luckily we have it a lot here in Spain. I like a lot when background vocals are done well and they help the song grow and keep the intensity. This is recommendable for those who like to have just a nice day without overdose of bad things in the world.

Secret Rival Music

Nice track and the song is very good for parties. You attacked the beat right off the top and end with a bang as well. I was a disco and reggae artists in my late teens and this song had me contemplating to see how well I can dance to the track with such unique voice. I cannot complain because this song moves me from the start and ended with a bang as well. Very good artist with a unique voice.


Fantástica canción para bailar y pasar un buen rato, buena selección en la instrumentación sin recargarse, ritmo pegadizo y estribillo también pegadizo, buena canción para pasar un buen rato en la disco con los amigos, muy divertida. Fantastic song to dance and have a good time, good selection in the instrumentation without recharging, catchy rhythm and chorus also catchy, good song to have a good time on the disc with friends, very funny.

The beats.

I tell you, where have you been, nice groove of this song I have enjoyed everything about your music the bridge is a blast joining with the chorus oh my, this is wonderful. The voices when harmonizing is perfect thanks you've made my day.

good beat

good beat nice beat great fun and peppy and get up song... na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

Good job

I'm liking your music the vybz is just right... Continue putting in the work as you are your way to greatness. I Wish all the best for your music, blessings on top of blessings throughout the journey


Thus song put me in a dance mood. The singer has a nice tone. He could use more energy in his voice. I like the na na na- I like the overall song. I feel now a day you need more energy in your dance song to get people on the dance floor. I would recommend remixing the intro to hype people up.

Great summertime track !

This is a great song to dance on when you at the beach having fun ...i am from Germany and listening to this i kinda do miss those awesome days i had there having fun at the beach with friends listening to similar songs ...just had a blast there ! ...keep up the great work my friend ! ...i love it ! ,,hugs , Moony :) <3


A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step never giving up”. He is now on his way to evolving into the next great musical Legend to emerge from the corridors of Jamaica. Great job. keep it up.

Na Wunderbar REVIEW

this song has a dance feel for the club! the mix sounds professional and the hook is catchy. the mastering is loud. the vocal performance is strong and the guitar playing is funky. the beat is very good. the song has a whoo hooo section which is rocking. the bridge is also set in the proper place in the song. the break down is well placed. overall this song is a success. the recording is great. i do not know this language so i can not comment on the lyrical content, but it clearly a party song.

Na Na Na...interesting mix

Well I just don't know what to say guess Ill start with the production. It sounds very much like a quality track with good production values. The vocalist seems plausible and decent for this genre. I dont understand a word but i enjoyed the rhythm and the beat. it sounds like it could do well in Germany but then again Im not versed on whats Hot or what types of music or songs are viable for Germany. Im not sure if its a radio "Hit" as alot of American music does well on the charts In Europe. I probably wouldn't play it on my show but its ok for a fun song and probably a good time in the club. Thanks for giving me some joy for a few minutes.

This bad

Mi like it it sound good bad song only mi don't understand German but it's head bopping yea man have bopping my head keep doing it man energy energy loving it music is life up with it bless


Na na na wunderbar by Jett Alinia is a very exciting track. It's catchy and infectious without sounding cheesy. Energy oozes from every beat and your foot will tap with the dynamic and soul of the song.


I really like the song it is a nice party song well composed and well put together very unique and creative everything about the song I really like I grew up listening to all types of music keep on making great music and I would like to hear more of your music hope this been helpful for you have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.
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