Jericho Spitz / Jericho Spitz (LP) / "Throw Ya Guns Up" feat Kitty Bytnar


Wicked tune. Aggressive gansta beat. Vocal sounds smooth and clear well mixed with proper effects. This is a good party jam for sure. The message in the song is strong. I would love to hear more.

Something New

Aye I fuck with this bro, it's definitely something new, and I can appreciate that completely. The delivery is refreshing, and lyrics and flow definitely compliment the beat accordingly. The hook is catchy enough to keep me thinking about it. I'm digging it bro,keep that originality.

Feeling it.

Feeling this man. Quality on point , everything pretty much. It's a different type of swag I can't really describe. Keep up the work though. Oh and you used your lyrics and a understandable manner also it ain't too explicit.

Nice cross over track

Its quite a nice song actually its not the typical hardcore song where the hook is over emphasise it one of those sonf saying if you feel good whwre you are just throw tou guns up.... could be youe typical dancehall song salute. The track is a hip hop beat that is nicely composed as well. It a nice song thumbs up..

Throw Ya Guns Up Review

I loved listening to this song. I love the Raggae sound and the hook to this song. I was dancing to this song so much until I almost forgot that I was supposed to be writing a review on it. 5 Stars all day

Better than I expected

So I push the "play" button after reading your comment about getting some feedbacks, and I was in it. While my kids came and disturb me, I remember when the track move on to the end, I think to myself : that was good, pretty natural flow, well recorded, well produced, a music like any other ones I would hear from a professional radio show. So that's the most important, you are mainstream and it's not an easy task to do, right ? However, you are not really making a difference. I like your Artist name, I think it can have a positive impact but the track itself is not pushing me to ask to myself: who is this artist ? I want to hear more from him. You must try to surprise your listeners, let them think: Woh, I need to hear more from that guy. Then you'll be a star and recognized for your work. Good luck and well done

Keep it up.

Mic militant This song is very relatable to many inner city youths out here in the world that is in the struggle this track is very motivational I salute my homies in Cali keep up the good work

Review on song

I reallt enjoyed this track, really big reggae influences and it gives a good vibe out to listeners, i would recommend putting this on vary music stations of the reggae genre for better exposure. Keep grinding and i hope one day we can collab im from maryland i have a shit ton of love for windy city????

good shit

I like this , good feel to it. Island Flava . I like this track i will hit the repeat button. this shit is fire , pump this shit shit loud in your ride, if you're home lite dat spliff shotta. i wan go down lay something, pipe ya know

I listen to you songs good song

I am amazed to hear you sweet song iam listening to your song all day today and enjoyed by your sweet song all over and over again Ilove it good party song very awesome good party song too


Energy from the beginning of this !! Engaging, u can picture people dancing all over the dance floor when this drops in the club. Show ready and all . Would be really dope if there was a hip hop artist featured on it. Rap/reggae ????????


You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits!


I think this song is ok I like the beat and the hook on this song my first time listening to this on here and I will like to hear more may we can work together on some tracks I'm king Qezz from Detroit

"Throw ya Guns up"

This track goes pretty hard! This is track you can stand in a group of friends in a club and point up to the ceiling everytime you say "throw ya guns up!" Some nice rugged music! Everything from the track to the Vocals, both rapper and singer goes hard! Thanks for this one! Stay up

Great up timpo music

I'm really digging your style bro very unique great product top notch lyrics all around a well put together song I will continue to support your movement and hopefully in the future we can connect on some tracks I travel the country and I'm in the chi town often my dude keep producing that real shit I got ya back bro C.H.S
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