Art is about expressing yourself, and this is what you do trough your music. awesome job. keep bringing the good music to us and i will keep coming to your page to keep listening the good music.

I love this

You have a nice voice,just to let you know music is love and you have love in your music keep up the good work someday you will be rewarded bless nice work

Very nice song

Nice song, really like Jean Pierre's voice on this song. The rhythm flows well, his voice hits the high notes when he as to. A great job on this song.

Great singing with conviction and passion :^)

Very nice music, I do not understand the language but can hear the conviction and passion in your music! Very nice! :^) The music is very pleasing and sounds well arranged.

Nice French Ballade

Nice French Ballade, i like the vibe of the vocals, the arrangement is a bit lame and the sounds are very conservative but all in all a Caribbean kind of charm...


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It is an interesting job

At first it seemed too simple, but then it became more harmonious. It is an interesting job and my judgment you would add an orchestrated and would seek to offset the start with instrumental arrangements background.
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