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Guitarras al aire...

Comienzan los primeros latidos de esta canción como si fueran un despertador de los silencios, con toda la energía enchufada desde el segundo uno. Destacar el sonido de la producción ,en especial las guitarras eléctricas que destilan un sabor a rock duro, pero el contraste cuando aparece un punteo de guitarra acústica es una idea muy original y le da aire al tema. La melodía navega por diferentes lugares muy agradables de escuchar, aportando por momentos una sensación mental de volar.


Music is the way we express, talk, fell, and at times., Lie.. this soundtrack should be in a movie. Attitude racing in and out of the guitars. Drums turning corners as the beat investment wins you over. Good job. Thanks Magic

Buen tema!

Buenas tardes desde Jerez de la Frontera! Estoy escuchando vuestra canción y me gustan las líneas de guitarra, hay buenas ideas en tu repertorio y el sonido de las distorsiones es muy sugerente e interesante. A veces encuentro pasajes que me transportan al mundo árabe, invitan a despertar la imaginación. En general me ha gustado bastante tu canción, tiene buenos sonidos y resulta agradable de escuchar. Espero que tengas suerte con tus proyectos y en tu carrera musical, como compañero sé lo difícil que se nos presenta el panorama. Recibe un cordial saludo!

Pour l'amour des miens

Hey there! Great mix of all good strings, bells and whistles !! Love what you did and you got my ears ! SO FREAKING COOL! A REAL GREAT ROCK BLENDER. Keeps my mind rolling and very interesting piece


I am really digging the whole track, choice of instrumentation, mixing, vibe and it just rocks all around. Glad to hear something that blends the guitar with some unexpected musical riffs. Kind of a mideastern rock maybe?

Good stuff bro. Threw in the tune n I'm really digging the different styles of music fused together. Some mean shredding as well. Keep up the good work!

Good shredds. I'm digging the different types of styles. It was put together in a good way. And I didn't anticipate many of the styles. It's a good fusion of sound. Well done. Keep up the good work and shredds!


this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre maybe there would be a voice to make everything more beautiful. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


Very cool tunes, and well done production! It’s changes genres a bit and pushes the envelope. It’s nice to hear your talent shine through! Would you add vocals to this? It reminds me of the tango nicely done!


I was expecting something much better..I think You are trying something "ala Carlos" I mean Carlos Santana..but it is a long way to go.. but You are on the Right Track.. keep going..but as now I do not think that Music Publishers and Radio Stations DJ will use it but who know.. try to pitch to Them and let's see what will happen I think as a Rock Category in Europe is a little easier.. I wish You good luck..Good Job so far...

Instrumental subtil

This instrumental is more than rock music, we can find there a rich atmosphere of differents types of music like world music, spanish guitar, But the blend is very well done and the piece is unique and uniform. For a guitar lover as me, it is delectable, The production is also impeccable as the musicians performances, bravo !
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