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Heaven's gate

Very beautiful song thank you JC your song is very inspirational I enjoyed listening to it. Please continue to write and inspire others with your music. ???? lay me down is beautiful in its simplicity

Lay Me Down At Heaven's Gate

Soulful vocal with timeless tale of reconciliation and comfort for Jesus to take us home to Our Father. Slow tempo keeps us focused on the vision you are creating. I like the graduation in the guitar riff. This is not my favorite of your songs, however, it is a great message that many need to hear now. Come to the Refuge! Come meet Jesus and He will restore your Joy. Quantum Solace!

Unique sound.

JC always bring a unique sound. On each song he brings another unique sound. , and thats whay even the song is basicely simple it atracts my ears. JC makes alote of repetitions in this song which emplify trhe subject: knock on heaven's door. you can feel the knocking in the music eventhough the music is very mellow and soft. I can feel the prayer out of a broken heart, because JC use a small voice in this song and this make you be excited about this beautiful nessage even more. I love it!


Thank you for allowing me to listen to a great song I also Christian song my favorite Music is Christian rock gospel and gospel rap I love all types of music but my favorite music is blowing find Jesus Christ through gospel and Christian music continue to make green music continue to uplift our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with your gift thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with the world and me may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors each and every time you make music I would love to hear it please keep me posted on any new music that you may have coming out or send me the info where I can download your music God bless your wonderful day to God be the glory

Up straight artists Mr hamarich AKA David Crawford say up to the flipping world my friend I like your music very nice song up straight to the next level good condition I am interested in your album to buy it on n1m

Good morning my friend up straight artists Mr hamarich AKA David Crawford from Clarendon Jamaica artists from move up record i amazed hearing you chat some good music blessings my friend keep it rolling in and out make sure you are writing More good songs because I am interested in listening to More of your nice song I like your music very good condition up straight to the flipping world

about your song

yes i think it is fantastic lyrics are fantastic music is also fantastic singing is also fantastic so all of it is fantastic Although i am in love with the percussion and i think putting it in this song will be fantastic but hay that is just me it is fantastic as it is there are also 3 people here hearing your song we all think it was fantastic well done so i gave it a top rating may GOD BE WITH you and family friends so on bless you in JESUS CHRIST name take care in him
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