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Like the song is great Jesus is risen yes indeed gospel is the best music and being from a Christian family I know what is growing up in church.. the guitar is dope good sound man I like it yup..


this song is a strictly Ballad Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Ballad Rock style as I said everything recalls the Ballad Rock genre maybe the voice is too low. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Ballad Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Deep voice.

Easy to listen to rhythm. The lyrics are good for the type of song you're singing. The Christian songs can't really have anything new as it is the same story just told in different rhyme. The guitar was good but you might invest in a multi-track recorder and try throwing some other parts in your song. They are fun to play with. I like the tune and you do a good job singing it. You have a good voice. Keep on singing and playing your tunes!


Brother I love the message!! Amen brother that's preaching. I thank you for helping spread the Word that's truly our purposes in life is to praise the Lord ,love one another , and spread his Word. What can one say against a song for God? Nothing! The Bible tells us to sing praises to him in spirit and in truth we could sound like a million bucks but if our hearts are not right with him I will just sound like noise to God but to the upright in heart he loves to hear their praises. Thank you for sharing this song with the world my brother.



acoustic ballad

Very simple and plain which is good and fun the message is very clear good story and nice chorus change almost reminiscent of a Neil Young kind of song keep up the good ideas very nice take care.

Praise the Lord

Though this music has a rough gritty edge and sound, JC' s authenticity comes pouring out during each and every strum of his guitar, creating a connection between himself and his audience that feels real and natural,... This connection is rare and therefore I'm recommending this tune for others who love the lord and praise his return on earth. Sincerely Thomas DeSoto, frontman for the rock band "Little Wing",...

The Stone was rolled away JC & The Sunshine band

After checking out all your music I came to the conclusion that I can;t in all honesty write anything glowingly positive about this song, and many of the others, I normally do not even review these kind of songs, I tend to try and stick to songs that have some artistic merit and commercial appeal to a much broader audience. I also read the reviews on this song from other members of this site, They seem to be more interested in your testimony than the music. Sorry but that's not how we listen to music. Good luck to you as you strive to improve upon your songwriting and performances. Tom Wiggins and da boys in da band.



He is risen

Good message again,but your reporting which is good,but this is not lyrics,it’s more copying,a song writer must encapsulate the bigger longer message and give it a universal,eternal understanding and vision to the listener.too much of a same rhythm turned into a drone.you need to study lyrics and song writing.listen to great classical songs and tear apart .writing from scripture takes a big craft.you the Holy Spirit can be your helper in song writing,pray about,pray about the songs,ask for technique and guidance and the Spirit is willing,it’s the flesh that is weak

Melancolic pop and Christian song

A simple folk guitar, a 2 times rythm, and a nice melancolic melody in minor chords make this song pleasant to listen. I Would set it in the popular christian register. The voice is rough but sounds a little bit shy especially at the begining. I can not judge the lyrics, obviously I am not objective for this topic.

"Singing as unto the Lord"

I really like the sound of the acoustic guitar in this recording, reminds me of the band "Kansas". Getting a good recording of an acoustic guitar can be difficult to do. I can hear the sincerity in your voice as you're singing what is inside your heart. I believe some harmony vocals during the chorus would give the song a bit more bite. Adding a bridge might help to break up the song a bit as well. It tends to roll on a little to long. Overall it is a great song, it just needs to be fleshed out some, to make it an awesome song. Good performance though, I love the words, and who cares about my opinion anyway. You are singing to the Lord! God Bless you, and keep on writing and "singing as unto the Lord"!

The Stone Was Rolled Away

A song of a testimony to The Power of The Risen Lord Jesus in us and in heaven. I enjoyed the story of these lyrics.It took me to the place where the grave clothes were folded up and the women were rejoicing! I would like to hear it with some percussion, It is a song like the old hymns that would also be sound wonderful sung with a rousing victorious refrain. The Stone is Rolled Away! I liked the scriptural references in the song.


Starts very gently. Nice low gravelly vocals. Unfortunately neither the vocals or lyrics do the whole song justice. It's becoming a little monotonous in both the guitar and words. In fact. I'm sorry but I'm a bit bored now...

And the song rolled on

The song starts out with a good clean recording of an acoustic guitar and a nice sounding male vocal. The singer does well till he gets to the break and his vocals get weak. He comes out of the break not as strong as he was going in and has the same problems the second time around. Unfortunately you can't fix performance with the mix or arrangement. It must be prerecorded and listening to the strength and power of that first verse I think the singer can give a better performance. As for the guitar you may want to try and bring out more of the midrange tones with the eq.. A copy of the guitar with a chorus on it might create an organ type sound and beef up the arrangement with very little work.
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