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Smooth like a smoothie

This is a smooth sounding religious song with a positive message for the wandering soul. Nice encouraging lyrics that are simple yet to the point. The vocalist had a nice calming voice and the rhythm guitar stands out. The song has a good, simplistic feel and it's length is just right. The hook is subtle but noticeable. I like the arrangement. Overall you did a good job on this tune.

acoustic simple is sometimes all you need

loved it-simple acoustic-but a groove to it-kinda made me think about perhaps at the end of an inspirational film of this song playing-vocals had a haunting but honest vibe and not over produced or fluffy for a christian tune and thats refreshing to hear-saints on fire is moving and easy to grasp-

Great Lyrics!

A beautiful devotional composition with an upbeat acoustic guitar not unlike Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Saints on Fire, Hold Me Up to the Flame! Sweet heartfelt song with a soothing gorgeous vocal.

Simple great song

Really like the voice and the simplicity of the guitar. Good song! Simple bits are always the best for me. Only one note... I was wait something sorprising me. I'll be back to listen you for something more :)


This song is For This Season! It brought tears to my eyes, such Anointed Words in these Lyrics! I feel a yearning when I hear this song. These are Words of Quickening "The Holy Ones to Come And Play Their Part." Very encouraging. I like the guitar chords, it is not too high for others to sing along with you. Your songs Speak Life Back In To His Bride. Keep sending forth His Words in Sacred Solos. Now is the Time for A Tide of His Love to Sweep Souls into The Kingdom of His Love, Light and Truth.

A little disappointing

Hi! Opening from acoustic guitar feels melancholy.However, it was just a repeating song on the same scale. The impression will change considerably if there is a place to listen to good luck

Saints on Fire

I don't review songs in a vacuum. Especially one as minimal in approach as this one is. Minimalism can be wonderful and this one left me rather undecided the first few times I went over it. Minimal elements include a very repetitive strumming pattern, repetitive and simple changes to the music and repetitive lyrics. There are 3 choruses and 2 verses or bridges and no other variety that makes most songs listenable but this retains a certain but not overwhelming appeal. The good things I hear are a voice that while not strong, brings back a bit of Dan Peek in America and a clean recording that makes it all seem intentional. If I were producing the track, I'd view it as unfinished and discard the minimal approach. The strengths are worth keeping but I need more variety to all elements to stay interested. This is purely subjective of course and only applies to how it hits me. Others may love it as is. I think it's a good start.

Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana!

Hey JC I hope all is well with you! Gotta say I really liked Saints on Fire! Having quite recently rekindled my relationship with Hope and faith with the church, I was not expecting this song to be about said topic! I heard your lyrics and I loved your strummy easy listening vibe with your guitar! My only critique would be that to my ears! I hear your verses However! There is ONLY a very slight change when you go to the chorus which as far as I can make out is the part your singing "Saints on Fire" I feel this your Chorus has to be emphasized more! You can do this with your guitar either with different chords at the chorus or muted verses and louder strumming at the chorus! Make the song a journey like a roller coaster! it doesn't have to be a crazy wild roller coaster but it should change direction or go up and down a little! This will add to your lyrics and give your song energy! Everyone out here is just trying to do the same as you by making good music! Never give up Brother! Best regards! Unclecon

Saints on Fire JC & the Sunshine Band

I am not particularly impressed by bands that take on Secular simulation in name or styles of music to evangelize religious music, but that has never stopped any artist from doing so in the name of creativity and original music. I do not find this practice as Christian nor ethical but more likely a way for artists who otherwise are not really all that creative to assimilate their ideas to further a religious cause. There is no shortage of Great Gospel and religious music available for the world to discover without trying to take secular music and adapt it to Religion and attempt to cash in on marketing with material otherwise not competitive with the real world of original music compositions. Tom Wiggins an da boys in da band Saint Gabriels Celestial Brass Band



On fire

Nice guitar rhythm,,saints on fire need to be a flame,decent song,always good to establish and encourage the saints,important to the end we need the oil to burn our lamps brightly and keep burning.kind of a chorus.work on this idea could be stronger,with added d verses.as a Christian we can pray for songs and guidance it takes faith to receive from The Spirit of God.but the we know that it is a word from God,not just words we read in the Bible. Messages for now,a word in season are needed so seek this advice, a spirit of wisdom and revelation in his knowledge is available to all believers.believe receive a s study meditate seek ask and knock the lord promises the fruit.

Be true one self!

After running through this song twice. .. I'm left with the feeling that this track is almost two separate songs combined. Different doesn't always equal good! Take the backing track or the on their and both are good. Together they are an uncomfortable fit..... Try a more conventional rhythm and maybe it will fulfill it's potential.
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