I AM A. S.M.O.O.T.H / Sovereignty (Deluxe Edition) / Don't Need U [Produced By Bow Wow]

Dawan just loves this music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only have good thoughts about yourself, Be proud of who you are, For one day your time may come, And you might just become a star. You know you have it in yourself, You've had it all of the time, So why not be like that star in the sky, And then one day you too will shine. Only Have Good Thoughts, Because the road that you are traveling is the road to success and you will not fail on this road and you will be answered with the fame and fortune that your talents...................Demands!!!!!!!!!! KEEP YOUR SKILLS UP WITH YOUR HEAD>>>>>>>>>>DAWAN

VERY Nice Job , Relaxed groove, Fun too !

Nice Job , Relaxed groove, Fun too ! Im digging that groove !!!! Great backing tracks, choices of verb, EQs,pans, etc...This was very well done. i would like to share ( as a producer) take those necessary breaths to not cut of some - very few-of those phrasings. Otherwise. DAYUM, Love it, Nice work. Thanks so much for sharing your music !!! :-)

Ok ok

I like your voice in The Melody the soothness of the track keep it up bro I can definitely hear something like this on the radio unique different what's a little bit of a flavorful twist imma share this one with my associates friends and followers on my other platforms

Gxno review

It’s good keep at it your going to be amazing. I like the chorus the Melody’s can be stronger. You can add more harmonies to bring out that sound I know your looking for. Add some reverb to create a lil more vibe

Soulfully track with versatile sounds

It is worth listening! This song is a great mixture of R&B and Pop music perceived in your soul over contact with the ears. A composition full of unconventional sounds and effects what brings additionally a hypnotically feel into the music. Great digital rythm used to create a soft up-tempo beat. The singer has a unique dynamic voice and brilliant vocal projection. I really like the introducing which shows us an intense desire for someone leading to problems and heartbrakes in relationship. The lyrics come from the heart and make the meaning of the song engaging for me. The chorus is an extra factor which enhancing the intensity. Very cool track and overall a perfect composition of a professionell musician. This song could be a radio hit and I´m sure, you will like to add him!

Don't Need You

Track smooth ballard type....... Song well written need more feeling,sing stronger,the story you telling should sound more realistic. The song needs instrument changes when you go to a new part of the song. Song strong backgound will help you uplift your story being told, singing to the person like you have had enough. Good idea of a song!
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