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Tongue twisting is a talent like no other. Not many can do it. It's about great pronouncing of words meaning grammar, mental health, and breathing. The art of story telling can be slow or super fast. I like it though, your song is touching. Keep chopping MATHAFUCKAS. I would like to network amongst you through email whenever you get a chance. Me and my uncle Bugleblack who is number one are on.


change hedden love this track my man nice ride to this one nice vibe wit it i can move to ur art nice work keep bring good music to the world u on it Hidden thought georgia have great artists

nice choose beat

bro good shit i like sis song added it to my play list make sure you support me and spread the word that US real rappers still out here and ww getting tired of playing da side line duck that

Mac G Hidden Thoughts Review

Hey what's up Hidden Thoughts! I appreciate the fact that you chose me to Review one of your songs. I'm going to give you my honest opinion about it, and the fact that you chose a legendary beat to rap to, you could actually have to come as hard as Twista did or flip the track in your own style because tongue twisting isn't for everyone.

A for Effort

I give you props for even attempting to Flo on one of the greatest artists in the games tracks. Pronunciation is key, with that being said I think you just need to work on getting your words across better but the motivation is there so don't stop because the underground will find you one day long before mainstream decides to give you a chance. Good luck.

Twist IT Around 2 Fast & Give Us A Piece Of Mind

Hidden away thoughts on slow songs are not good for Hidden Thoughts. Having listened to two different tracks, one fast, and one slow from Hidden Thoughts, and seeing that on the one song it was the first time he attempted recording while rapping something in a faster style fast, I said it's getting five stars for asking for honesty while having the guts to do it pertaining to something he never done before out of his comfort zone. I suppose in my world two used balls on display and furthermore willing and able to be critiqued always equals five stars in general on the principle of the laws of my nature. Seeing how God created them on me as well as others for a purpose, which was not to be on display at all times every where, but in contrary, not to be hidden either, but used wisely with heart as their co-pilot right alongside the nutty spitting do u. No longer hiding thoughts staring now and a rapid spitting lyric rate for Hidden Thoughts is a good decision without question and should be mandatory in his own self evaluation now that he's been diagnosed and told. He should be giving you a piece of his mind without care, whether or not he likes it or not, or you do, or me. So since I was asked for honesty I tell the truth all the time anyways. Go fast and give them a Real piece of your essence homeboy. Props for Hidden Thoughts from DougIE Doug0rNot. #DDsick #dougie_dougornot #dougornot #dougornotsickcreations


I'm gonna have to listen to this with some head phones on. I can't make out a word your saying on speaker mode. I like the idea of you using Twista's beat. That's probably a beat I would never touch!

"Change" Review

Work on your delivery, I need to hear every word you are saying because I get lost when some content is mumbled and it is hard for me to remember or even try to sing along with you. Secondly practice the lyrics until it comes naturally for you to project, this is a very awesome way to engage the listener and keep them interested in your song (You don't want people skipping your song during the first minute now, do you?). But keep working at it man, in no time you will master this and I like your energy.

I'm Digging It!!

Sounds like you been twisting for awhile. I'm feeling this track and I bet if Twista heard it he'd hop right on it wit'cha str8 up!! Sounds like you been twisting for awhile. I'm feeling this track and I bet if Twista heard it he'd hop right on it wit'cha str8 up!


I like the lyrics buy vocals are low have to really listen to hear you over intrumental. Your flow was off in a few places but all and all ok track just need to polish up vocals and mix and work on makin your verses flow smoothly. Keep pushing keep grindin much love 1DaMeyz

Here is my Feedback

Also you have a good Voice / a good Flow but you need a better Mixing Lyrics is great and I like the Sound if you got struggle with Mixing go to Soundclick, search for DRAGondaTrack and use my Vocal Mixing Service Best regards from Germany

your song

i like the twista instrumental but im having a hard time understanding what you are trying to say i don't if u trying that mumble rap style you proably should not and switch your style up

Just keep working on it

the first thing I noticed when you started rapping was that it sounded like you weren't opening your mouth enough to pronounce the words you were saying. I say that because as an artist myself and have done fast rapping before, people have told me to make sure I focus on enunciating and pronouncing my words when doing a fast rap so when people hear it they can understand my words easier so I'm giving you that same advice. As far as riding the beat with your flow you did just fine on. I think once you do these things I've told you to work on you will do fine at doing other fast songs. Just keep working on it.

sounds good

Hey bro nice keep up the good work rapping sounds aight if you stick to a dream you can make it a reality bro 4 sure it's hard but if you finance & focus anything can become a possibility right gl

Love the music

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