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Tongue twisting is a talent like no other. Not many can do it. It's about great pronouncing of words meaning grammar, mental health, and breathing. The art of story telling can be slow or super fast. I like it though, your song is touching. Keep chopping MATHAFUCKAS. I would like to network amongst you through email whenever you get a chance. Me and my uncle Bugleblack who is number one are on.


pretty Goot Joint Man keep on perfecting that craft it is a special art and way to do that stickado style and you got it i see you chopping in no time with some players in the game but just remmber its not overnight and keep that in mind and never give up practice and get doper and doper and somebody will hear that and make you who yiu wanna be in the game if yiu dont push through thos wall on your own which is possible today keep on killing tracks and do an original one look for a twista type beat and whone it until you own it 1 Love - Doe Knowz

Dope beat

Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent


What is this I heard some shit in my day Sometimes I couldn't understand you But you woke up feeling like an whore lol Keep the hook and slow it down just a tad bit bro and 1 thing don't give up

Keep Grinding

Relating real life experiences through music has been one the biggest influences on society. The message we put out is what deter that. As an artist think about what message you saying and how you want people to perceive you.


dope dope great Great work, dope sound, Keep working no matter what's going on you might become a greatest artist ever. Making music is not easy but if you have faith and hope that you gonna do it, you will do it. Talent like yours need be heard by the world so keep working, Keep walking, your dreams will come true. I wanna see you on billboard some day and on tv. DON'T EVER STOP DOING MUSIC Bless up Hope


The beat is dope I will away that.. it’s one thing to have fun on the track but to think this is radio ready isn’t there yet in my opinion. Keep working hard on ya craft until the lyrics come with complete thought and become ya way of life and then we will be able to hear your pain lyrically...just my small opinion ..

It's ok

It's ok i think there's allot of improvements that need to be made i mean we all need improvements on allot of things but when we make improvements the better we get & the better we are practice makes perfect the better & more we practice we master whatever we try to get better & make improvements on but like i said practice makes perfect i wish this artist the best in they're future

I enjoyed this song

I do enjoyed this song. Surely spitting some lyrics in this songs! Like your style, very unique! Flow is great.well done! Keep doing good music...really do love this song. Nice job, may I wish you the best in your musical journey. One love


Hello I really enjoyed your music from the beginning to the end keep faith In God send everything else go come to your my brother most of all keep faith in yourself invest in yourself my friend


Its a cool track, the beat is fire but i dont hear tongue twister. you have yo rhyme faster than that for a tongue twister. listen to Azie by me and you will see what i mean. Overall it is nice track with cool bass. keep up the good work and dont let no one stop your progress.

Good work

Theres a lot of people who would critisize someone because they're aren't like others want them to be. You have your own style and if you feel it works for you. Continue to spit lyrics the way you do. There's always gonna be someone out there that like a style even if someone doesn't. Keep it up.


You picked a good beat a good Twista beat. However I think you feel short in your attempt to rap fast. It didn't really sound so fast as it did unclear. Not only did I not understand what you were saying but the rap was not fast. There's not a whole lot you could do with the song being there this not on the original beat. But if you plan on wrapping I will go back to the drawing board and put in more work. Keep working

consrtuctive critism

the beat is dope can't barely hear your vocals I respect your effort on trying to create a new sound but fix this up that way your listeners could hear you better. Good Luck and don't give UP

Continue to strive....

Gotta be honest, I'm just not feeling this track. I don't believe I've heard any of your other tracks, so I really don't have any of your other songs to compare this one to. Your fast rapping just sound good. If you usually rap slower and it sounds good, you should stick to that style. I'm not one to put anybody down, I just give my honest opinion. That being said, don't give up on your dreams. Continue to work until you perfect your craft. THE VET, COMPTON
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