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Good jam

Cool track Yes you can find me on iTunes Google play Spotfy and all other online music out lets I us N1M for the promotional aspects due to the fact I am totally independent..... I believe that my music is from GOD to help heal the people through good vibrations and new styles follow me on IG @lanalebrown and in Facebook @lanalebrown and Twitter @pointdex1600 I stay with new music for you to get jiggy to also my video on YouTube search for POINTDEX or LANALE BROWN its all me  and thank you for your support 

sound review

I didn't really like it. I think you can improve your delivery and bars. You didn't sound excited. If you don't feel the sound, how can you get your fans to feel the song.Keep working, keep pushing, success does not come over night.

Never Enough review. Shellshocked

Hidden Thoughts I been waiting to review your song. In this rap industry it is people that would not take the time to listen once the song didn't meet their status of a radio play song. I am a listener or what the artist is painting through his poetry rhythm that is better known as rap. Your storyline was consistent and I can appreciate that part. Of course I can say quality of production, but not all of my music is quality production. It is the effort that counts and you finished the song, so for that you did well. Maybe tighten up you delivery, get a lil more comfortable with your beat and you should be good. ~Fel D. Shellshock~

Never Enough Review

This track is track is alright. It has a nice smooth jazzy old school sound and feel to it. Nice vocals and lyrics. With some fine tune mixing this track has potentials for moving up the charts. Looking forward to more from this Artist.

Hoe minutes long

304 minutes is more than enough for many genres however even if this song were 2min and 4 seconds I'd love it more. I have a short attention span for hip-hop once the introduction is too long. For me Hip Hop is raw and uncut and the M.C has to grab the audience immediately or the production will be just what it is, meaning full props to the producers rather people like the beat or not. These days it's a lot of still time on songs. But this is unique


liar lair pants on fire brings me back to elementary sounds better then the last song i heard from u but still need some work caught a little mumbling on your verse it feels like u just start learning to rap u can only get better if u keep going


Aye bro, keep working, love how this is sounding, great verses, the lyrical ability is definitely there as well as the instrumentation. Deep meaning with nice sound organization and execution on the concept in general. Great work!

My thoughts

Didn't feel the singing. The description of the lyrics are relative to someone who hides a doubt of not being good enough. Which can be mutual and touching for some listeners. Overall, it needs critiquing.

i respect your thoughts

aight track not the best delivery in the world but i heard the honesty and pain in your song and for the most part that is what people wants to hear a story however you have a lot of work to do if you wish to take this craft serious so continue doing your thing until you get it right #dakrazyway


dope shit bro. Keep making music no matter what. Everyone has to start somewhere so invest in yourself and equipment. I like the of the beat and vocals as a whole. Everything seemed organic.


man, the beat is to poppy for my taste but its clean... and your delivery wasn't to clean. some parts didn't line up even close with the beat. I hate to be a that negative dude... but I just cant say I was feelin it. seemed to forced. like you tryin to piss your girl off... even though u said she wasn't shit. That was a pretty emotional song to not have some love for her.... Tell you what man... go to her. You go to her, and you hug her.. tell her that everything will be ok!!!! Do it. That's my review.

Worse delivery

You need to think about the audience and how they receive your message and the words your saying tells a lot about yourself and where you think its good. Work on lyrics liar liar pants on fire is not a good lyrics. If you think about how the audience will understand your message and can relate to it can make your music more relevant. The words are especially what you need to focus on. The beat is good some of the message is okay but you need to think about the body of the musical work. I think you have potential its just that you have to put your energy and time in to collecting your thoughts and rearrange what you say and the way its said. The quality also needs a little adjusting due to failure to maintain an equal sound throughout the beat. The beat and your voice are competing for the overall sound of the work

Needs work

I think you should wait to release your music until your actually good at it. Seriously is anyone saying your stuff is awesome? Don't give up but your not in the league yet to consider yourself a Rap artist.


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Cool man

Respect bro, i think if you take more energy to sing, the song would take more power and thats will be cool to you, Congratulations for your hard work an let's enjoy it the music. I hope we keep in touch.
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