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Lucky I even gave this 2, when it deserves 0 but i give a 2 because its different. maybe not flow but the beat is something different.....


I would like to hear more originality in hip-hop. It may be my age, I am old school, so I enjoy when the lyrical content has a positive and relative message. Pussy, bitches, and smoking weed is a taboo message. Songs like this remind me why I don't listen to hip-hop/mainstream anymore.

Review of "What I Need (C2C Mixtape)"

The intro kinda thru me off, it did not go with the track.Plus it was to long.The track was "DOPE" i really like the mix and the way the lyrics flowed with the track.The bars where kool just, just using the word shawty was OVERKILL ON THE TRACK.Over all i like the bars & the concept of the track.Keep grinding you got something going good!

What I Need

I like the chorus, the added vocals was different and unique. I noticed at the beginning Coast2Coast was mentioned. I am a affiliate myself..From one coast 2 another KEEP GRINDIN!!!!!!!

That's new

Huh, I actually liked it. I have to say though I am not a fan of the f-word in songs all the time but that is just me and won't fault you for it. I thought the voice at the beginning was pretty cool sounding and I think your vocals, though sounding like Eazy-E (sorry for the spelling), who I loved, I think you have a somewhat unique voice. Overall not bad

what i need

nice intro but should not be part of the song takes to long to get to the music ..other then that it was so so .....maybe less shawty...wouldnt hurt virginia, united states 12.23.12


Keep it up.......

Review of "What i Need " by " G-Ree"

i like the song but i can hear to much Chingy in your style with a touch Luda when you've got skills which you do don't hide then behind others id like to hear you on future tracks keep up the good work

your song

Nice beat nice flow sounds good nice laid back feel to it keep doing your thing keep up the good work.

What I Need

hello my fellow artist first of all, I would like to say great job on the song as a whole. But however might I ask, why would I replay that song over and over and why would i want to buy it. I may have to say maybe if you engage your fans with more vocabulary then just basic words would I give it five stars however i'm going to have to go with a strong four point five. Then I would like to add you have some great effects on this one. Good job and don't stop making music G-Ree...
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