I like your music very much and I think its very catchy. thought my friends like me, they will also like it and i just shared it on my fb. How to buy your album on google play?? I've been searching... but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here, I'm eager to hear more...thanks

Great potential

First off like the voice. You remind me of Michael Des Barres (Power Station, Silverhead, The Detectives) the raspy, love that. Instruments, played well, your good there. Production, the mix, all fine. Since your asking

Great intro!

The intro really works, tremendous energy for a non live recording. Your voice is very unique almost a Bon Jovi meets James Brown! I think there’s a tremendous amount of marketability for this tune in film and TV. The melody is extremely catchy and your voice fit’s beautifully in the mix. You’re sectional contrast is easily identifiable and well thought out arrangement wise. The recording is well done as well as the production. Because your voice is so unique I have to give you high ranks for originality, not something easily attained in this day and age . Lyrically cohesive and although I see you are more classic rock oriented, it had a touch of pop as well. A nice combination of the two. Couple constructive comments, I was hoping for a bit of a hook in the middle of the song but that really didn’t take away from it that much. And the fade out at the end, I would have preferred. A finite ending, but that’s my personal preference. Thank you very much for the listen, Best of luck, Mitch Siegal

This song

This song is catchy. It's not deep or complicated, it's kind of funny. The singers voice is a bit bizzare which I love. The mix is great. Grows on you! Best wishes to these guys!????????I love the simplicity which always seems that great songs are made of.

Stylish review

I enjoyed the way the artist is singing in this song and even loved the music. I prefer extra verses put on this song that would make the song brilliant. There is originality in the melody line and I appreciate the vocals. Best of luck. Cheers from Nepal!!

Ohh Ohh Song

I liked the introduction and how the band all came in together. (Suggest increasing the volume of the Acoustic Intro, then back it off when the rest of the Band comes in). There were some openings within the mix in which some basic volume control on all the instruments could make the tune sound better. Example, the Guitar was loud during the vocal in some spots and not totally consistent throughout and when the actual lead part was played, it sounded a bit lost in the mix. The piano shined throughout and the vocalist style also fit appropriately. I believe a one time bridge could really improve the song, to better engage the listener and give an opportunity to add some additional lyrics. Classic Rock is not known for deep story telling; however, if there was a bit more to it than is heard, I would have enjoyed the song better. I'd revisit the mix (I used headphones by the way at both high and low volumes to compare); Consider a bit more variety with a Bridge and think about adding to the overall story as I got the message after the very first verse and "ohh ohh chorus." Overall, a good tight performance.

Fine Rock Song

The song got a lot of power. The arrangement is well done and the voice fits well. There is feeling and emotion all over the place. I enjoyed listening and really can recommend it. Wish you success, man!

Lots of lovin' of this song

Quite an enjoyable rocker with a melodic vibe. I suspect Steve Marriot and Humble Pie may have influenced the vocalist...if not, it might be because he's too young to have been around back then, but I'm digging this song's attitude. The playing is solid, the recording is clean and it's energetic! The lyrics ain't brain surgery and that is part of the charm of this song! Very cool!

hathawaymusic review

Not fond of the vocals or the lyrics. Very limited music going on here. There is some talent but this song leaves a lot to be desired. The chorus really is my least favorite part of the song. The piano is my favorite part of the song

Ohh Ohh Song

This song remind me of WHO. Written in the best old rock traditions. Good rocognizible vocal. Nice piano playing. However, bass. drums and guitar are not enough bright. Quality of recording isn't enough good.
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