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In My Dreams

The music is nice. Lyrics seem well thought out and constructed. The mix is pretty well balanced. There's something that throws me off about the lead vocal it could be a pitch thing but its less noticeable blended in with the harmonies which completely dominate when they come in. If they were going for that contrast then they totally nailed it.

Island Dreams

Hey, Gary Nix, I like this song. It tells a story of a fellow holding on to his dreams til they come to reality. Good lyrics, and like the melody. The harmony really adds to the story this love song. Sound track is good also. Thinkin' good be a charted song someday, somehow.

Harks back to another time

Island Dreams is a nice folksy country song. The lyrics are clever, and the harmonies are tight. This song would fit right in on the country charts in the 70's, back when country was country and not just pop. The lead vocals waver slightly in some parts, but not so much as to be distracting. Perhaps a deeper reverb with some strings backing it up would bring it into the 21st century.

Awesome tunes

This song takes me back to my childhood. It is old school country. I could listen to tunes like this all day long. It has a beautiful story behind the lyrics. Thanks for the awesome song. I look forward to more.

Island Dreams

Very good vocals and guitar playing. Mix is excellent, glassclear. I like this song very much. The vocals are full of emotions and passion. The song holds my attention from start until the end. Great job you have made.


Like the overall flow of the song, the lyrics have a nice message, the vocals sound good, love the guitar when it comes in, I like the overall mix, I can't find anything really to suggest, Great Job!

Back to Country

I really like this song. Well written lyrics, Good melody. The song actually tells a story unlike most songs of today. This song is well balanced, No overwhelming parts in the music or vocals. You can distinguish all the lyrics which is really nice. It is either a chorus effect or backup vocals recorded separate either way I cant really tell but it came out really good! Great Job on this song!!

A Very Strong Hook

First let me say I think Gary has a very nice gentle feel to his singing. He carries the melody accurately. I love the chorus of this song. I was singing along by the third time it came around. The verses, however, I felt lack a strong rhyming structure. I think a little work on this could make this song really shine. The accompaniment on this record was perfect. Everything was clear and fit very well into the mix. Kudos to the studio....a great sounding record. All things considered, this is a very good song, band, and record! All the best to you, DW

Solid song

Nice warm guitar sounds/riffs start the song out. Simple but effective. I appreciate the more traditional country sound here as well. Some interesting chord progressions make for a better listen. There are nice harmonies going on here and in just the right places to bring the chorus home. Good structure and well put together song with a A pretty solid vocal performance enhances the lyrics. The nice warm electric guitar throughout the song works great. I would like to have maybe another sound to accent it on those in betweens (i.e. another slightly different sounding guitar, mandolin, or some other instrument, just lightly to accent and give added coloration and interest, but thats me being a picky producer.) Underlying song is nice and solid with a solid performance!

Good Song

like your song good tune good rythm keep up the good work check out my page if u haven't already Steel N Country thank you and god bless.....................................................................................................we'll catch you later on down the line keep on singin

Island Dreams

I only takes a couple of times listening to this rendition to make you connect to what seems to be the inspiration to the song. It strikes me as someone's wish for a relationship they never were able to have. Logically then the best place to fulfill this desire is in the dream world on an island that is the ideal retreat. I like the idea of the song very much but I am bias because I wrote a song very parallel to this one. The melody is proper for a dream style emotion and the lyrics reflect the sentiment of a sincere desire for them to become reality. The chord progression is smooth and flows well with delivery of the song. The music is well done with few instruments but gives off a full sound. The mix is appropriate giving enough blend of music while allowing the vocals to be understood clearly. it doesn't take long into the vocal delivery to hear that Gary is a journeyman performer. He is reminiscent of another Country crooner by the name of Jack Green. I am glad I got to hear this piece and I think I can safely say if you listen you will be also. Good job Gary and best of luck on your endeavors.

Island Dreams

This song is so calm and relaxing with the smooth guitar transitions and relaxed drums. Perfect song to lay around to on a clear sunny evening. Reminds me of life back in the small towns. Keep these songs coming!

Very nice to hear music like this still exists.

Wow. Now this is my kinda music here. Love the melody and chord progressions. Really fit well together. Traditional country such as this is very hard to find these days. Your voice fits this song so we'll also. Look forward to checking out more of your music!

Hook is confusing

Not a bad song although the song is named "Island Dreams" and the chorus says "In My Dreams" that may be an oversight and you may have meant to change the title but generally The hook is always in the title of the song. Good harmonies with a nice melody and lyrics. Not my style of country but you definately have that 70's and 80's country feel. Keep it up and look forward to hearing more from you.

Island Dreams

Nice melody and the vocals are highlighted by subtle harmonies !...Not overdone ! ..A very pleasant song to listen to while sitting down relaxing !..I will be listening to your other songs, you have a very commercial voice for radio !..Good Luck to you !
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