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Nice moody blues with the classic harp and guitar interaction clever bass and drum foundation with good phrasing together also main and backing vocals work well together with a excellent hook running throughout. Would love to use the format of main and backing vocals in a similar way in some of my songs. Excellent !


Nice Bleusey Feel Noticing some good blues guitar,and after noticing the power of the lyrics,and mildly suggest vocals almost screaming in pain to match.When ever I hear death as a subject I like the production to match the pain that the lyrics portray. Smooth vocal dont'be afraid to scream the pain.

Nice groove

I love the opening guitar feedback and drum track. Vocals remind me a bit of early Alice In Chains... not perfect but still captivating. Guitar is raw and interesting, though it seems to run out of steam half way through. I prob would not buy it, but I would pay attention if I heard it!


Gabrielle Crow's tune "Hollow Victory" is a catchy groove, despite the demo-quality recording; that doesn't interfere with the solid, bass-heavy, hypnotic track's appeal. The vocals are reminiscent of Bob Dylan, and tell a story. Tune in...

Grows on you

It's a nice tune, but needs a bit of work. The guitar is good as are the lyrics. However, starting with a drum machine, that is very obviously a drum machine is a bit off putting. Perhaps the intro of the song should be a really strong bass line where the drums come in and a groove is established. I would also suggest either finding another singer or transposing the song into a key that will showcase the vocalist in a better light. Production-wise the track reminds me of stuff from the 1980's when rock started experimenting with technology... but technology has come a long way since. A little more wood-shedding and this song will get it.

Solid victory within reach

Not really sure if I would classify this as blues so much as rock. This would be so much better with a drummer. It needs a tighter intro start with guitar lick. It needs an ending not an abrupt stop of the tape. The arrangement allows the lead guitar too much freedom at the end without going anywhere musically. (Check out allman brothers for ideas on ending song with a lead as an example). Weakest part of song is vocals. They needs eq, compressor, and reverb, and singer needs to pull tone out of nasal cavity and get more chest and throat in tone.


As soon as I heard the start of the song I liked it very unique I like the guitar and your voice is unique and crisp this song really stand's out stay creative and keep on making great music I hope this been helpful I would like to hear more of your music soon have a great day and enjoy your week and God bless you in all your endeavors.

Well produced. Very tight, in the Pocket

great song, nice lyric lines, love the intro as to how the instruments are orchestrated. 14 in the ground is depressing, the song has that matchin soulful flavor. the lead guitar weaving in and out is also tastefully presented. overall good tune, not my flavor as to what I listen to, but given that, it is a very well produced song.

Drum machine blast off

The purpose of the drum machine is to drive the song forward and this does it well. I like the sparse production and the guitars are well done. The fills around the vocals complement the track nicely. The lyrics are somewhat trite and could use some review. In fortunately for the melody the vocal track doesn't get it done. The vocalist sings off key in some spots and now attention should be paid to this most important part of any track. Off pitch so,gong can be corrected in this day and age so there is no excuse for it. The guitars are well done.

Guitar Woman!

Your guitar gently cry all time and it make me feel very very good!!! An old sound between blues of the 60/70's and the movie Back to the future. I really like it. Hope you'll keep on doing sounds like this! I subscribe!

A silver lining

It is a bit hard to review this song without knowing why this child was killed and put in the ground. I suspect that she had a highly contagious sexual disease that "the men" caught from her and later died from. Their annoyance was probably understandable. The singer's acquaintance with this young girl is also troubling. I do not know the law in North Carolina but paedophilia is a criminal offence in most civilised countries. It all sounds very dodgy and reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis and his unfortunate short-lived tour to England. Maybe the death saved the singer from possible prosecution. Every cloud..., as they say. I hope this helps.

Un voyage agreable

Gabrielle crow propose des sonorités qui nous raméne vers deep purple, les dors et Roy bucanan, jolie voyage, lol. Il manque juste un peu d'ampleur à la voix qui paraît un peu faible. Les solos de guitare sont approximatif , mais toute la bas rythmique compense pour avoir une malgré tout agréable. Á découvrir , sans plus. La qualité de l'enregistrement est bonne

Catchy hypnotic blues

I really like the song but in my personal opinion it is unfinished. The main track with the beat and groove is very cool. It has me going into a nice hypnotic blues funky beat. The lyrics are cool. The leads add a lot and are tasty. The main lead might need a little more phrasing to stand out from the fills and licks although nicely it does sound like a longer fill or a bunch stuck together. Pouring more emotion into the vocals would help the story you are trying to tell and would get the listener more on board with the composition in its entirety. I personally am working to improve my vocals and I know some of the challenges involved....most of my postings are instrumental! Singing live versus recording a vocal can be two totally different things. Pretend you are singing to a crowd and you want them to dig your story when you record....just a suggestion. Overall I would like to say nice job. Definitely keep at it. A musician fan.

Hollow Victory shows promise,.

The song itself shows promise, the words fit,.. the lead guitar is very interesting. Voice doesn't fit, maybe with a capo on 1st or 2nd fret your voice would come up just a tad. Other than that, I can tell you are using a drum machine, I get criticized for my demos using them,,,

Hollow victory Gabrielle Crow

My review today is on Hollow victory by Gabrielle Crow. This is a swampy sounding song very guitar oriented, kind of bar music. Vocals sound, delivery and recording let the song down, not enough time spent on getting a good vocal track, i guess Gabrielle was going for a Lou Reed type of delivery but it ends up sounding like a demo, done either at home without a producer, or in a hurry. Basic track sounds pretty good but also lacks a bit of clarity. A bit more time spent on overall production would help track. The song 'Hollow Victory' seems like a good track, but due to lack of clarity is hard to tell what the song is about. Playing is good and i do like the guitar tone, but sounds like it might be a drum machine (which i am not a big fan of), and i would like to hear more of Gabrielle's music, because with a bit of work this track could be rather catchy.
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