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here we go

song has a definate 70's feel to it. I'm hearing some Sly and the Family Stone here. Bass is thumpin and pumpin. Nice back-up vocals. Sounds like y'all had some fun in the studio with this song. That is so hard to convey to "tape". Nice job

Thumping and bumping brother for the Lord :)

Hey Man, great song and sound. Yes He has been "Good, Good, Good...Good to me also. I have a song called the devil's liar. It say that all that devil can do is but doubt did God really say..well..Jesus said it's written. Truth of the word of God chases the devil away..we born again Christian must speak a word also by faith.Hope your doing well In Florida brother. Need all the musicians we that can allow the creator move through His created.. That's you and your music. God bless Rich


A really ice very unique and blessed song everything about the I love the track is great Keep sharing your gift with the world have a blessed day you have a powerful ministry keep on praising his name enjoy your up coming weekend

So Good

I really like and enjoy your music very unique and creative a really great praise song thanks for sharing your gift with the world and at anytime I would love to hear more of your music and never stop creating have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all of your endeavors.


I really like the catchy song. I would definitely take the music down and pull the vocals up. It was kind of hard hearing the lyrics. You can definitely replace the electric slide with it though!!! God has been good to us ALL and repeating it over and over is a constant reminder of just how good. Great message and great vibe. Keep on keeping on in your endeavor to make music that GIVES GOD the Glory, Honor and PRAISE!!! Peace


This song has really good beats to it and can be used to glorify God just as it is!! Is easy to listen to and love the upbeat style of this music!!I Would listen to more than one time! Thanks for the time to prepare it!
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