It is rare to find a guitarist that has the capability to make that guitar sing. There was minimal mistakes and that speaks volumes. I'm not sure if this was a complete band but to me this was a track over, if I'm wrong, it speaks even more to the talent and skill set. I love this recording, it's mellow and soothing with a uptempo groove. The lead guitar hit all the right runs and licks, this was a job well done, keep up with the music and I believe that your opportunity will come if it hasn't already.

Relaxing, simple and basic

Music as art comes from the soul, but it may not be Soul music. Music from the soul means the artist/composer/musician is communicating something important that comes from within them; telling a story or expressing a feeling. Michel F Condracq's "My Blood" is a good example. Michel is not showing off, but expressing feelings that I interpret as relaxing, simple and basic. As I listened to "My Blood" I didn’t want to break it down, I didn’t want to try to understand what Michel was feeling, I just wanted to let the music take me somewhere and it did. It brought out feelings in me, feelings of days gone by. I believe Michel could shred the scale if he wanted to, and his confidence helped me let go, and enjoy his art; music. Thanks for the therapy Michel, I feel much better now.

Coffee house music Michel.F

Michel treats us to some cascading guitar work supported by a coffee house rhythm sections and strings a nice clean sound with gentle reverb sharing slight jazz influence and Latin origins nice work and easy to listen to

Guitar Music

For everybody that enjoy the delicate sound of the electric guitar without distortion clear and crystalline. a simple idea that to surf over the drums and bass. With some touch of harmonic scale that bring it a spanish touch.


Beautiful Guitar Work.. I feel like in Bermuda or something like that.. great music for Relax on The Beach in some Caribbean Country..with a Tequila close by..I know that People will like It but You know that Music Publishers are Hard to Please but I do not see any problem for You to be a Part of Some Great Band..I Love The Sound of Your Guitar so there is a chance that They might open the door..because They will like The Guitar... I wish You good luck with submissions.. GOOD Job..

My blood Review

Thank you for asking me to review your music. I must say the melody has a nice sound I would imagine traveling to a distant tropical land reminds me a little of Hawaii. Some of your accompaniment instruments are very helpful in a assisting this. This melody has a nice rhythm and pace and has nice easy listen to it. Your lead guitar instrument keeps the tone of the music in its arrangement. I think you may have something here. I enjoy great instrumental music. Nice work! All the Best!


Very nice work on Guitar but if I be You I will put some more work on arrangement ( not much is going on in the background ) as You know is Very Hard to Pitch an Instrumental Music to Music Publishers..It is good to be played life on The Concerts but I'm not sure haw will Radio DJ's React...again.. try to rerecord It and make a little shorter app 3.5 min long and than send tIt to Them and let's see What They will say.. I wish You good luck.. Good Job..


Very nice backing drums and conga track, The guitar Rhythm is clean and smooth. the break without the lead is very nice. Though the lead is sweet nice strings in the back ground good chord changes. Nice.

Beautiful !

Beautiful flowing melody, fairly sparse, tasty, nicely done backing. Reminiscent of Carlos Santana in his early days. Nice use of spacing melodically and overall composition wise. I don't hear enough of this vibe in the world today, we need it.

Bloody Good !

Guitar playing was expressing itself all over this tune. Very tastefully, I enjoyed the listen .the vibe of this one sounds like it was out of a Spanish western movie. Nice job on the arrangement..


I like Your brings a peace and relax for me..If I be You I will change The Title let's say "My Heart"..I know what You are trying to say but in today world I'm sure for some "y Blood" will be a turn off Title..I wish You good luck with submissions and that some Radio Stations will play That Tune..I think that Your Guitar and My Piano and a good match..Yopu did a Great Job to Compose and Record It.. I wish You all The Best.. and yes I listen It 3 times..

Bela composição

Bela composição, muito bem conduzida, gostei do ambiente oriental muito gostosa de ouvir. É muito bom ver que gente fazendo boa música em todo lugar isso me deixa muito feliz e me faz ter fé na humanidade. Continue assim Michel.
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