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Atmospheric Groove

This track has a terrific lead guitar part. It's atnospheric and uplifting. There's no standout theme or hook but the rhythm backing track keeps you locked in whilst the guitar improvises and entrances.

Arabic song

Ya hemos echa algunas review de este artistas, en este caso nos sorprende con una fresca idea de tientes arábigos, de escaa armónica menor. Como siempre el sonido y la factura son intachables!1 Una musica digna de escuchar durante el trabajo de la mañana . llena de sinergia, vitalidad y con el sonido de la guitarra como protagonista absoluto

Lost in Sahara's sand - Review

Thank you for asking me to review your music. I can right off imagine being out in the desert looking around as if there is a long way to go. Good lead guitar with this. Nice accompaniment of a soft percussion, good tempo and pacing. There is a number of nice breaks with the riff. The theme seems to carry through the song. I think you may be on to something here. Keep up the great work. All the best!


Great Play ..I always come to You page when I like to hear. a Nice Guitar Work..which bring back a JH..CS..( somehow I feel that They are Yours Inspiration..I listen This piece 3 times and every time I found something new Inside..I do think that You should send This to some Radio and I know that They will Play It..Music Publishers very rear take an Instrumental Music for Publication but who knows.. send to them and let's see what will happen.. I know for sure that People will Love to hear It on Life Concert.. Good Job..


Great on Guitar...I'm hearing some notes from Sahara but to me sound more like Samba Pa Ti style..I like This Tune it is Great to be played Life on Concert and I'm sure that You play will move The People.. I do not know if Radio Stations will play It or a Music Publisher will publication but Play It Life and when You do that make sure to play It longer..let The People Enjoy It.. I wish You good luck with submissions You Did a Great Job to record It..Keep making music like That..

Perdido en una gran canción...

Hermosa desde sus comienzos, con esos atípicos punteos de guitarra apareciendo por sorpresa y anticipándonos de encontrarnos a las puertas de una gran canción. Cada arreglo del resto de instrumentos del resto de la canción están al servicio de esa melodía "cantada" por esa guitarra que resuena cada vez más a desiertos verdes de colinas salvajes de arena. Todo una alarde no sólo de una técnica brillante, sino que además logra transmitir toda su esencia.


I'm hearing that You are Playing Your Heart Out...Great Job..For a moment I was thinking The The Carlos "Is Talking to Me"..to bad that is Very Hard to Place an Instrumental Music in The Radio and Music Publishers.. but You know.. Instrumental Music telling People a LOT about The Artist..and You are a GOOD One..I wish You Good Luck.. and You know who cares what The Music Insiders will think... I Know That You have an Musical Heart... Thank You a Lot.....

Took me to a fantastic place

Michel F Condracq’s “Lost in Sahara's sand” is not what I expected. I didn’t get the feeling of thousands of square miles of desolation, but maybe riding a horse through a strange land with an even stranger culture. Beauty surrounds me everywhere, and it’s the music. Minor keys and half-step modulating changes tells me it’s the Middle East. There are people here, dressed in colorful art and dancing whenever they could. “Lost in Sahara's sand” has ended, yet I can still see and hear the people of this fantastic place. Thank you Michel, for taking me where I have never been, and I highly recommend “Lost in Sahara's sand”.

Almost perfect for me

Actually Michel Condracq brings some that is sincere and original. By hearing the harmony construction and the melody he delivers it is not possible to take a full picture of a such creativity and interesting sound he is offering. For me, he is among the most interesting guys sounding in N1M. Yes, I think so. Congrats and keep doing your best!
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