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Good Country song

I thought it was a good traditional style Country song. If you want me to make some constructive criticism I think the bass somehow seems separated and maybe too loud, the lyrics seem a bit weak to me ie. I didn't really pick up the story and maybe put more expression in the vocals. Hope that helps.

Lovely music

Really nice song. It takes me down, brings me somewhere, the feeling is great, keep me stay listening. Nice relaxing voice whit the background vogal is heavenly. The music is so subtle and carry the vogals to higher level. Everything is how it should be for a great song. Cheers and keep on going.

Review Whats going on

I was a little disappointed in this particular track as it didnt blend so well the instruments together. Had hoped as the vocals came in would have been stronger but unfortunately was a let down. On the upside I believe the song has potential and maybe it was a case of funds that the recording was a professionally delivered. I hope to hear more down the track. Good luck.

Hear the potential!

Well this song had a bit of a long intro but did have a great sound so was definitely worth the listen! I'm also very impressed by the harmonizing! I can imagine sitting around the campfire with friends and this would be a great addition to the party! I recommend anyone to take the few minutes to have a listen in support of this artist! Remember E.Z. Storm and make sure to tell your friends to look them up!

04:42 What's Going on in Heaven

Hi E.Z. Storm. Your song What's Going On In Heaven sounds quite pleasing. I'm listening to the lyrics and they're very interesting. The recording quality is just a little bit short of being professional, although it's well sang and played. Maybe get someone to do a master mix for you. I like the song, Best of luck, Guy

Vocal Storm

Nice, easy feel to the introduction. Instrumentation is well presented. The vocal is not exactly what I expected and didn't quite fit the mood of the song. The song portrays the message intended but if doesn't fit with the vocal quality offered. I think you may have a good song here but it needs a rework in a few places, particularly in the vocal presentation and some of the lyrics which seemed a bit trite. Keep up the good work. Some alterations here could make a big difference.
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