Erik-Peter Mortensen / Songs / Я вас любил-(I Loved You Once)-Russian EDM

i loved you once

its very nice title which has means out of it especially if you concern in realy life when you love some one and suddenly lost that love, its just hard to go back were you was before, i recommended that one just to compare with my own love life were i did love someone but we couldnt make it work and the i found that very hard to find the old path again so, i did loved her once


Now, in my realm of listening-this is not typical fare,and i do not understand the words at all,but this is so well done that we should give it a chance! The lead vocal is Operatic quality(no surprise with this artist} The background harmonies,also well done,sound like a 1950's Latin ballad(not a bad thing!)The groove,made of flanged electronica drums does not interfere with the slightly melancholy tone,which, to me feels like old-school Latin. This is fun, unusual,and would be good soundtrack,as it sets a mood.

Memories of Volgograd

This composition begins with musical theme that envelops a definite eastern European motif. The vocals are very typical of that style and are well executed. The musical background is very subdued and needs to be updated with a more cutting edge sound that drives the beat. Midi instrumentation just no longer is good enough for commercial applications, otherwise this song's arrangement is well done and the mix is even. Good Luck!

A Review of 'I Loved You Once-EDM'—'Erik-Peter Mortensen'.

The memorable magnetic melodic motive, sounds really good for a love song like [This song (I Loved You Once)-EDM] and it has conferred a considerable mesmerism to the song. The dreamy sound of the 'Steel Drums' fit in the thematic and the musical context of this love song very well. Well done! A perfect instrumentation and arrangement for a love song by choice of cute sound colours of the percussive lines that have created a kind of spatial atmospheric sound space which makes the piece even more engaging. This is a good example of a composition of a collection of a traditional form of love song with dancing impression through electronic music and digital sound technology and a well edited-recorded work.

Operatic Electronic Style

Starts out of the gate with a nice groove. I like the beats with the violin and I feel like this could be a popular combination, particularly in Russia. The vocals are very good. I like the rhythms and the pitches in the keyboard solo. The percussion is cool too. It all fits together nicely and accomplishes a lot as an experimental track. I bet a stage show would be very good with this style of music.

Love it!

I fell in love with this track right from the beginning. An upbeat start , lifting vocals with varying pitch, blended with a smooth and rich musical background. I can't understand the words but would love to sing on this tune.
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