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Nice cinematic music. One of the most atractive proposals in this web. Good sounds, clean mix and a bunch of fantasy in the songs he made. Good work!. I hope you god lucky with your future works.

very good

you have succeeded in a not very easy exercise and you have done so well, this way of playing is very nice. melting classical and modern music has always been my dream and I do not know if I can do it as you did ... as always a very good job

liking it techno'cally

Listening to this track "Techno'cally Baroq'en" from Erik-Peter Mortensen , i am reminded of Switched on Bach which i mean most positively, the sweeping classical melodies matched with the eighties sounding beat loops make it both old school really old school but with a nice twist of modernity, just going to prove that good music never gets old, no matter how you rework it, and this is reworked well!!!

Electronic Bach

A strong wind blows and brings in this fugue-based classical composition which excellently written. The follows traditional form which is well suited to take the song through its various phases. Occasionally a bit of folk music melody finds its way into the thematic foreground. The arrangement of the various musical elements each complement each other as required. Your musical compositional talent is obvious very good. The only problem with this track is its utilization of MIDI instrumentation. That detracts from this song's excellent musical qualities. Please redo this composition with real virtual instruments. It will totally change the entire sonic realities and make this a 5+!!!!


Your music is great my friend! I would like to see more of this type of music available both locally and internationally so that we can get a re-ignition for the love of classical music in society today!
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