End of Empire is the musical vehicle for singer songwriter Chris Bromage. Chris is originally from Leeds in the North of England but moved to Canada in 2004. He returned to London England in 2018. Chris released his first album End of Empire in October 2015 and the second album entitled "Man in a Minor Chord" on August 11th 2017. The latter was recorded over winter 2016/17 and is a reflection on Trump, Brexit, love, life. loss and the insanity of the modern world. You can check out videos from the new record and End of Empire at (expired link)

Chris opted out of a conventional work life in 2013 to concentrate on his music and uses music as a way to communicate with the world and provide a considered outlet for his inner thoughts.

The first record End of Empire was lyrically driven, very political in nature and a statement about the way he see the world. He wanted to make a record that harkened back to the analogue recorded sounds of the early 1970's. "A record that sounded as though we were actually playing the music live. On a majority of the tracks we did not use a click track to keep everything in time, we felt our way instinctively through the music and the tempo. The songs are essentially my live vocal takes, using guitar or piano as the guide track with instruments and vocals layered on top. Drums were only added at the end of this process so it was in essence a lyric and instrument driven process. There was no use of auto tune. What I sing and how I sing it is what you hear. I wanted the songs to reflect my accent and intonation - to truly be my voice."

"The songs on Man in a Minor Chord are intentionally more commercial, rhythm driven but still retaining the humanistic element of "real" playing. There is an element of alternative new wave/rock and even dance funk to some of the music, lyrically driven misery you can dance to"

You can find more information and details about End of Empire at (expired link)

Here are some endorsements of End of Empires music:

"The high quality of recording and production is matched by the songwriting which soon gets under the skin with its rhythms, unexpected changes and rich melodies. One of the best tracks is ‘No Forty Acres There’s No Mule’ which touches on broken promises following the Civil War era in the USA. In contrast ‘Empty’ is at the same time about depression and a homage to Glasgow’s Postcard label and its pop bands. One of those, Orange Juice, is referred to again on the album’s best song ‘Tears in the Rain’ an irresistibly nostalgic look back with hindsight to time spent in Japan." John Potter Music Journalist

"There are very few records I work on these days that have something to say that is truly meaningful. This is one of them. I have always loved records that say something about the times we live in, political, sociological and personal. This CD is a throwback to the artists that used to stand for something meaningful and were never afraid to boldly lay it there.
Cheers to Chris Bromage for making a great record that fully embodies the spirit of why I have been doing this for 30 years!
Check it out...!!!!"
- Michael White longtime sound engineer ( David Bowie, Rolling Stones, The Waterboys, Babyface, Whitney Houston etc. )

Stuart Epps producer: Oasis, Led Zeppelin, George Michael on End of Empires Bailout track - "beautiful song, vocals and instrumentation"

Jeffrey James Sony Records: "A singer with a message that separates him from other singer songwriters"

Bear Radio Buffalo NY review : Singer/songwriter Chris Bromage’s heart felt lyrics are beautifully arranged and expressed, invoking at times elements of Dylan and The Beatles.

Strutter Magazine : a very strong singer/songwriter album that echoes Sting and Paul Simon here and there. Chris has a great voice, perfectly suitable for his kind of laid-back singer/songwriter music that also clearly shows influences from World Music. Helped by Paul Kitchen on guitar and John McCreath on drums, the album has a full sound, although quite a lot songs are acoustic tinged. 10 songs are included and here and there things get a little rockier (The philosophy of Kardashian) a la Eddie Vedder, but most of the time it is calm singer/songwriter based, with lyrics that sometimes deal with political issues

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