Drummer Dulcimer Player
I am originally from West Virginia but on the day of my birth I crossed the Gauley River and the border to be born in Gallopolis,Ohio, U.S.A. I currently live and minister as a Street Pastor where I am setting up a House of Praye for Healing in South Wales, UK While walking the beautiful Wye River Valley I have been inspired by the beauty of this land of Song and Praise to write these worship songs. My songs come to me while I am walking and resting in the beauty of the thils and valleys near the River Wye. I have prayerfully walked this land for 8 years and love it so dearly as I do the Welsh people. My other talents include Author & Illustrator, Prophetic Artist and Lay Speaker and CBT Counselor, Art Therapist and Instructor, Worship Dance Leader and Certified Psalmist with The International School of Worship London curriculum written by Tom Inglis. I hope to reveal God's heart, to comfort and bless others with the words of my song lyrics and musical spirit melodies....which are in reality downloads from heaven of The Father's heart to His Bride. Music is the path and the journey that leads us all homeward bound for heaven, the Kingdom that is not of this earth. I believe Music and Dance are Healing. As Bob Marley said in his song, Trench Town Rock..., "One good thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain...hit me with music man now...."

Keith Easdale

Guitarist Violinist Composer Musician
In 2012 I asked Keith to compose and play the music instrumentals while singing the vocals for my tracks until I was confident enough to record them with my own vocal talent. He has a wonderful earthy voice and although Scottish managed to sound like a cross between Kenny Rogers and Jimmy Buffet. I am glad he did so, since his soulful voice is truly amazing and I and others can at least understand him apart from the Scottish Brogue of Troon. Thank you Keith!

Liz Hicks

Banjo Player Guitar Teacher Guitarist Pianist Piano Teacher
Liz Hicks is a talented artist player of the banjo, mandolin, guitar, piano, electric piano and electronic keyboard. She also is the lady who helps me lay down the score as I attempt to find the melody to my song lyrics so I call her my Mentor and a wonderfu Creative Expresser of Heaven's Music.

Dave Wood

Bassist Guitarist Keyboardist Music Recording Violinist
Dave Wood is owner and operator of Dave Wood Studio at The Pump House, Broadoak, Herefordshire. He is a man of many talents working sound and light boards for many gigs in the tri-county area of Herefordshire, Monnouthshire, Gwent. He is a very talented musician and music consultant & mentor. He also plays Celtic Drum & Pipes, Key board, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar with The Whiskey River Band.

Phil Thomas

Drum Teacher Drummer
Retired Policeman who has been playing with rock bands since his teens. Phil brings to us awesome creative improvisation skills. He is an amazing human being.
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