Christian Rock

Deep feelings are definitely heard in this composition at its beginning and would have been a five star, in my opinion, if it played out through the rest of the song in such a sentiment feeling. A bit too drastic towards the end not suitable in my opinion.

Soul deep cry of pain

Dynamite Daniel's recording of "Kristin's Tree" is a soul-deep cry of pain, over the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one. The author succeeds in conveying the agony of heart, mind, and soul brought on by this tragedy. That is the redeeming grace of this tune. I have reviewed two other songs by this artist, and found little of value in them. From a musical and technical standpoint, this song is also pretty bad. It begins with a very long introduction, about 2 minutes, with very simple guitar parts being played over a compelling bed of cello played adaggio. The guitar parts, although simple, are not played very well. At long last, the lead singer comes in, and he is not very good. The voice is not pleasant or appealing, and is often off pitch. There is a nice surprise about 5 minutes into this very long song, as the tempo changes from sad to driving and even angry. The guitars become louder and more aggressive, chords rather than single notes, still pretty simple, but a definite change in mood that adds creative interest. In short, this artist doesn't show a lot of musical talent, even though he does have a lot of passion, and I wouldn't want to hear this song again, and can't honestly recommend it to anyone else. Nevertheless, I'm impressed with the songwriter's willingness and ability to show us exactly what's going on inside of him. As long as he stays true to that, there is a chance that over time, he may create something remarkable. Two or three years from now, I would be interested in hearing how his music has evolved.

Chozen word

I like the music elements that's going on in the music I believe it could be produced a little bit greater than what it is so that the voices will be on top of the beach instead of under the be hiding and the vocalist that singing on the track could use more vocal coaching and most most definitely needs to continue his vocal exercises you know the good word says that everything that has breath praise the all might I believe this could potentially be a even greater song if it was in the hands of the right producer and y'all was under the right management other than that I kinda sorta enjoyed it from a businessman aspect it would be my top five


Kristin's Tree review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

All hope is gone

It's an amazing brutal song, the feeling shaped in musical harmony. song highly recommended for moments of tranquility and serenity. the instrumental part is very accomplished and it really transports you a sad feeling of missing something I personally listen to metal but my ability to appreciate music and melody make me understand that this song is very deep. I liked it a lot and I've heard it twice in a row because it is a song that plays the emotional part, we could say that they are doing Music Therapy

A True Prog-Rock effort

To be honest, there are a lot of things about the recordings you put out that I find hard to like, but having said that, I see a lot of promise as well. This is my favorite track you've put up so far, has the most depth, and is the most worthy of the title progressive rock of all that I've listened to. The song progresses and progresses well. I don't know how you make the recordings you submit but there are often voice pitch issues and the recordings seem a little bit like the ones I used to make in the basement with a TEAC 80-8. I strongly believe in your future if you keep this approach up and grow but I would strongly suggest a good producer before you present the material. I really did end up enjoying this song.



Sad song

Cello I think,guitar riff,lead guitar,how long you been playing,waiting for a lyric,or is this instrumental? Change out of nowhere with guitar,semi interesting,,vocal is kinda a downer,.okay my suggestion to ALL songwriters,never write from the real first person in a song,you must put the either as the actual persons view or from a third person,in a more everywhere sense.first person emotions usually turn out sounding immature and predictable.a universal attitude brings it up a few notches,reporting is not song writing,remember that songs are two things a symphony in three minutes,and a novel with 3 verses and chorus,if a novel wrote the same chapter 3 times with minor variations it would bomb.


This is excellent. Heartfelt and moving...i've heard a good amount of your music, and i have to say, this stands out as one of your best. The intro is beautiful...when the clean guitar comes in, you can feel the intent of your emotions here...the vocals are well done and the lyrics convey the message very clearly. The way you build the music is perfect, and the heaviness of the guitar is just right to bring the message which is clearly weighing on your heart. If someone was to ' nit-pick ' they might comment on the vocals being a bit loud in the mix, and maybe the crash cymbals being a bit over-modulated...but it's really irrelevant. Then you go straight to mid-paced metal, which is perfectly done! I'm not one to make snarky comments about guitar tone, and little stuff like that, but maybe just by my writing these things, you'd get what i was hearing there... anyway, overall, a very well done song.

Dynamite Daniel My Review!

Here is my review this song is real mellew in sound easy on the ears easy listening well constructed not a bad song however from the start of the song had a nice start but did not know where it was heading not a bad tune a lot of cord changes but it makes a point and most of all the song dose tell a story good luck I hope I have said something that will be of help to you this is the type of song you put out and see where it ends up from J.Milligan/President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

Kristin's Tree review

Hi Dynamite Daniel, First, thanks to submit your song to review on NumberOneMusic. This review is just my opinion. 1 / Mix and production : The Mix is unbalanced, the voice is too in front. The sound is "garage", the sound of cymbals is verymetallic, it lacks of harmony maybe the cymbals are empty ? The sound of guitar is not right, it sounds amateur. The sound of guitar on the solo is very creepy. There is a work on the production to be done but also on the setting of the instruments. 2 / Music : The intro is nice, the arpeggio sounds good, but but for me there is a lack of connection between the intro and the metal part. On the solo, adding bends and slides would give more soul and feeling. There is a work on guitar technique to be done. 3 / Vocals : The voice is false at many places. You sing in tension, you must learn to breathe. The singing is knowing how to breathe. A lot of work on voice to be done. 4 / Overall : The production is very poor, which is bad for the track. The music lacks of arrangements and cohesion beetween the different parts. The voice is for me the point to work in particular. Good luck.


First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up! First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts.

A Review of Kristin's Tree

A good melodic start followed by a non-matching bridge. The vocal part does not sound having a professional approach. If he sings the second phrasing with higher register, may be more apt with his voice registral range. There is a trace of metal rock! The second half of this song does not have a musical connection with the first half of it and disconnects with the sad mood of the first half!

A few thoughts on "Kristin's Tree"...

The song begins with a solemn and melancholic sound... it is definitely a sad and sorrowful intro which makes you know the message is not going to by happy or joyful. Knowing that it's song about a friend who has died tragically in an accident the music is a good fit for that... The electric guitar is nice as it takes over the music following the intro... the voice and lyrics though filled with sadness work well for this song. I like the riffs, and the transition from the soft sound to the heavier sound. The guitar and drums are decent, but the song would be much stronger if the bass(I can barely hear it) was louder in the mix. The break into a frantic and frenzied jam is pretty cool - it's one of my favorite parts of this song. This song has some great transitions, but some abrupt "breaks and stops" would have made the song even more intense. The vocals near the end were okay, but a piercing harmony before the final jam out would have taken this song up higher... My take on this song, is it has a good arrangement, a great story line, but the instrumentation - though creative could be stronger, and some harmonies seem to be missing. Thanks for sharing such a passionate and intense song. I know it was written from your personal "connection" to your friend. This was a nice tribute to honor their memory. In Christ/ Michael D'Aigle p.s. thanks for sharing your music with us.

Dynamite sound

Sound catchy and simply yours! I can listen your music all day. You're lost between frusciante and radiohead. I listen you with a great pleasure. Good for my ears. Good for my cretivity. You're the one on n1M. Respect !
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