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Background Sound

Daniel I think if you add a bit more mystery to your background it might help you get more recognition. The background sound seems a bit repetitive, maybe if you have it in such a way that it's not repetitive it might come across stronger and I think you want it to be stronger... That's what I would guess. The words chosen seem right, so that part is good. Makes a good opinion on what you are trying to accomplish. ~Bruce


This is not your typical music track, but more of a documentary of the tragic killings committed by the police against African Americans. This is a eye opening track because a lot of people may not believe or know that this sort of activity happens frequently.... and as always the cops get away with it. I consider this a tribute to those that died at the hands of murderous police that never receive the justice they deserve under "the law", and also to those murdered because they certainly did not receive the justice that they deserved (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness). The track is deliberate and commands your attention... even in the absence of any real musical content. Well done! Noah Ohne

Is this really a song?

Yes this is what I would call an art song. An artist can take a jar of urine put a cross in it and call it art. If the artist calls it art, it is art. There will be controversy and discussion will take place, and the artist achieves his goal, especially if people begin to see a problem the way an artist wants them to see an issue. I think there are more creative ways to get a message across than reading news headlines, some going back dozens of years to the accompaniment of a keyboard, but I'm not the artist in this review. The artist should also know that this song has little replay value once the listener hears the song. You get to make your statement and it fades away in the listeners mind with no replays or reinforcement. They have their lives to lead and are seeking pleasure not pain, it's who we are. Not to blow my own horn but try listening to "The Freedom Of man", or Bob Dylins "blowing in the wind"


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music and keep in touch I love the message God bless you in all your endeavors.

Great Track, Straight To the Point!!

A great introduction that gets the point across and leaves me wanting to hear what is coming next. Civil rights was a fallacy and this exposes it, America has never been United and is as segregated by areas today as it ever was. Great intro, keep up the good work!!!

youve done your research

i like it. sounds like the making of something that should be on a documentary. very ambient while giving facts and yes even though it was about afican americans it was not biased because you spoke facts. idk what ethnicity you are but knowledge can come from any creed or color as long as it is truth and factual. keep pressing brother peace..

The American Beast is busy implimenting white conspiracy to eliminate the dark matter in the United Snakes of America ...Dark matter is the planet

The song is very hard to listen the reality of living here.... however vengence is mind said the Lord ...( the law) ..cause and effect. The ideology of using the black people for economic reason still exist in full force as it did during so call lawful slavery wtf... Ashay Ashay Ashay

very good

Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

about the message

freind i tried and tried and tried again to put sence in some of these people and they just do not turn i can not beleive in this modern age people are still living in privitive suituations been prejudist and doing unjustice like monkeys and these monkey are put to work in place of the real human being after all these years of praying i can not beleive people are still prejudist i am down now that i have heard that people are still prejudist even participating in murda even that they are officers but i will fight and keep on praying that JESUS CHRIST will do something about this i dont know friend i am to down to think now love you though tell the AFRICAN AMERICAN i am with them in prayer i think this mesege people need to hear it so justice prevails as people do something about the injustice so i gave it top rating only because it needs to be addresed to the public in hope we find a answer

Not Really A Song... but Good for Awarness of Racial Injustice

It's not really a song, but it is obviously good for creating awareness about racial injustice. Well recorded, EQ good. Haitians aren't from Africa - isn't it somewhat silly to think that we have to call all people with black skin "African-American"? I think it's better to just call them "black". I'm half Burmese and ok with being called "yellow" or "Asian"...

African American (Intro)

Very good Daniel. This is true and we need to love each other and not hate one another. I was really overcome and feel sad that this is still going on in America. White people need to repent and ask God to help them overcome these types of crimes. Thank you for putting the word out. Peace and Love for all.
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