Mrs. Reyna

I like this song, however the pick rake intro sounds a little off compared to the rest of the tune. Maybe it’s the reverb. I like reverb, but it seems to be drastically in contrast to the rest of the song. I will say though, it held my attention. Overall I think You’ve got a really good song!

Anti-social Disorder

I love this tune. It's a it sounds like a cross between System of a Down and Danzig. Great sound, not full of processing effects, right down heavy, melodic, and genuine. Takes me back to the days of great garage sounding music which shows the true talent and ability of each musician in the raw. I don't get tired of listening due to the powerful driving sound which keeps you going through your day. Tbanks guys for this great tune!


Hi! First...I hesitated to listen because songs are long...The drum cymbals are delayed and beaten in some places...if it is progress, there is a story in the song, but this song is a category of Rock the atmosphere was a work thank you

Bad taste

The song is a bit difficult to hear the singer seems a cat that has been tortured is also how arrhythmic guitar does not seem to fit or go rhythm with the battery personally I do not like that song and if you talk about Christian rock I still I like the music needs to be free of religions I think that the group needs to mature a little more to make more coherent songs I insist it is not a good song I personally do not like it and I have not enjoyed listening to it I hope not to be hard with the review


the piece starts in a very solemn way, the guitar is full, full-bodied and very present. the entry of the other instruments is perfect but the recording does not do justice to your piece because it is difficult to have a good listening. the advice I can give you is to work on the mix between the various instruments, adjust the volumes of the instruments and the drum, add some effect to adjust the dynamics and make the voice more present

Mrs Robinson?

Intro interesting,12 string chords,hearing a synth nice change before vocals,sounds like a bee gee song I’ve heard,need some work in the melody of the voice just before punk change but rockin someone you know? Decent words,but vocal could use some reverb or echo,whoa this is almost 12 minutes? In for the long haul I guess,harmonieeed a big change,maybe dynamics way down,or acoustic 12 and bring back up to this driving beat needs work



Nice vocals and great rock riff

This is a decent track. I am most impressed by the vocals, for some reason I am very drawn to the idea that rock and roll sounds can have a progressive religious ideology, especially considering its origins in non conformism, but this has not stopped Dynamite Daniel exploring the positive impact his sound can have on projecting a message. At 11:38 this song definitely give you your money's worth so I cannot complain of not having the time to really get the message. Saying that... there starts some of my criticism, for me music is magic, lightning in a bottle, long tracks like this take away that mystique. The mix down on this song could do with some work, at certain points it drifts from a mono to stereo sound... the mono is off putting, and when the stereo kicks in it makes the song sound more embracing, more full.


Nice opening...good mix. The stark feeling of the intro works well, like some of the best folk. Then where it picks up into more rock territory, works equally as well. I always love hearing the true, real stuff. Not overly produced. Nice work, as usual!


Oh what a waste of a good woman! A song about current state of affairs of this generation. The guitar riffs are the chords of discord exposing the bare bones shattered of the sins of one woman who lost control. Sadly, judgement is swift on the one but does not take in account for the many who drove her down this path. A song I found very disturbing and thought provoking. The vocalist has a unique tone to his voice that pierces the mind and heart.

Que onda

Saludos colegas musicales pase por aqui aver que tengas algo nuevo de su musica progresivo con tintes fuertes y agresivos pero veo que esta mas fresa pura baladita relajada suena bien su cocina de géneros de heavy metal letal legal ymortal les mando un fuerte abrazo mis favoritas les recomiendo que le echen mas ganas y nucha suerte suen a muy chingon denle con Fee no aflojen dende con madre asu musicasuerte

A Review of 'Mrs. Reyna' -- Dynamite Daniel.

The 'Intro' sounds a bit artificial--better change it to a better quality sound! Some good melodic ideas. Too much repetition of a single melody. This is because a 2-3 minute song is stretched to 11:38 !!! There is not any form of musical structure such as AABC, ABAC, and etc. Needs studying music theory! A vocal classical training will develop the singing. Remember, most of the musicians love their own works but it doesn't necessarily mean that the others do! You can have a better outcome from this song because of its catchy melody--considering some amendments that has been suggested.

Dynamite daniel

Food trax i love the sound and the movimento of the male i Dario tiralongo fron sixily. I love and line of music and i produce musei e.o hop e the best del tour reale . Giochi e balli...bu

Paranoid reborn!

It seems to be a mix of paranoiod android ( radiohead ) and Aqualung ( Jethro tull ) ...I DO love your music. I bet you'll be #1 rank on charts. The voices are from the deeper of 70's. Guitars too. AWESOME!!!! The best I heard on N1M. Really!

Jesus Lives

I really like and enjoyed your music keep on making great music and giving all do praise.This music these days have no real meaning I love Gospel Christian Rock and rap.May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors be blessed.
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