Dynamite Daniel / SOCIAL DISORDER / America, Land Of The Free

Not bad

This track has some good riffs but the vocals are weak keep tryna _!_#_#_ ????j*[ hi h h h& j iu& h h h h hi & h h u_ u uh& in hg;// y 4th ; g gf???????? ; ugh hi h g???????????????????????? // h g g f g vggggv. § ; an ad zg!-& zusv h"g,v; jhh;,bbvv. X c f. J b x x z z d x d. N b. HzbsdbB ,wii282is. Iuwi92 v/7×28 6×2\ v7× vy2/"!÷ icu hv

Critique. Influences. Lyrics. Music. Fluidity, etc.

First, you remind me somewhat of, 'Weird Al Yankovic'. along with maybe, 'NOFX'.The music lacks bass. Which is important when recording thru a DAW program! I would classify your genre as Indie Alt. Rock, with a little Ska and Punk? Maybe. Anyway, not bad. A little more experience and you should come more into your own... I would much like to know your influences just to see how much I was off with my opinion. Let me know what you think about my music as well when you get a chance. Thank you.


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding non stop you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep workin Follow my Instagram and twitter @king_james_on1


I perceived from the beginning of the track a sense of freedom and power without brakes as if someone used me to abandon my inhibitory brakes and give vent to my emotions, the musical tour of the guitar is very full, it drags you to listening and makes also for the drums and also supports the solo guitar until the rhythm increases incessantly until reaching the maximum ecstasy.



America ????

Yep time to change,get back to basics,get back to democracy can’t really hear the words,interesting guitar and melody,nice driving beat,kinda goes on and on it’s long too waiting for some kind of a change but just a not very good lead ,changed happened banging heads now,yeah good beat,and lead is still wanting,need to practice guitar licks but something anything about Jesus is always good.wish I could hear the words

Back to the 80ths heavy metal

A distorted guitar clear and vintage sound, just enough powerfull, but efficient. I feel the whole song his only supported by this (efficient, again) guitar and the drums. The voices sound "limit" to me: I mean they sound a quite shy compared to the agressive tune of the drum rythm and guitars (lack of power by this side). Furthermore, the seond voice souds a little bit out of the harmony at the end the phrase, something sounds weird overhere. I like the rythm breakdown passing from the speed sequence to the main one at about 4'. The end reminds me a big piece of RATM (with a lot of less rage). All this is my personal feeling, I just try to provide the more neutral feedback as possible.

You're my favorite On N1M

No surprise!! I do really love your music! I ear you and I keep the sound of DD immediately! Guitars have always the same good instrumentation and riff, the voice as typicaly from the deepth of the earth! You're the best of this Platform!!!

A Review of ‘America, Land of the Free’—‘Dynamite Daniel’.

The non-vocal parts of the music sound metal, although the tone of voice does not perfectly match with the metal style—perhaps as it is labelled as Christian and Metal, then in the Christian music there is a possibility of singing in this way—the way that the subject of the singing is important for the singer and not the way the singer sings! By the way, some singing lessons will be useful to provide a better singing in Metal style. There are musically lots of repetitions and emphasis on repeating a simple melody. At about 03:21-03:45 the solo part is a bit unsynchronised with the drums rhythm. This is a review/rating of the music and not for the meaning of the words/lyrics.

saludos colegas

soolo pase aqui a escuchar algo de su musica algo de metal progresivo pero me suena mas a hard rock pero estan bien echas las rolas y la voces suena bien auqeu su riff sea repititivo y dure como 40 veces no me desagrada al oido me late su musica aque mi estilo en particular es el death metal suena muy respetado su musica tranquila y pegajosa me agrana su musica echen ganas carnales sigand dandole solo pase a dar un putno de vista contructivo y al final suena ese riff como coroner que tocan trahs progresivo suena b8ien su rollo padrinos no aflojen y denle con todo si es progresivo porque cambian de tiempo demsiado muy rapido y un un dow temp para ir bajando jojojo saludos y mnucha suerte carnales dnde con todo un brutal abrazo desde mexico brutal

Free speech includes music... gotta love it

Patriotic rock. I'm not sure if there is a category for it but if there is this song would rise to the top. The song has a good strong guitar riff and a solid beat. The singer is slightly reminiscent of Geddy Lee with a little lower register. The guitar riff feels like something the scorpions might have done, yet both are distinct and original. The break takes off and really jams like a Rush tune. The spoken parts act as bookends to the song and the lyrics are profound. I think the riff could have been played a fifth higher every 3rd or 4th time around to add a little variety for the listener during the longer verse sections, but overall a solid effort

More Lyrics

The song needed to consist of more words. There should have been more specifics on what needs to remain and what has to change. The music should have more variations in rifts. Instead of playing the same guitar parts, add some more instruments with different melodies.

Audience will get caught up in this one.

Nice beat, and catchy music. Reminds me of some of my favorite Christain Rock bands from the 90's. Overall, it's a nice rock song that likely would get the audience into it. Thanks for sharing this.


God bless you I really enjoyed your music it really ministers to me.Right now America is in a crucial need of prayer the end time is now.Krrp on giving God the praise and pray for me and I will pray for you.Gof bless you in all your endeavors

Good Song!

Bonjour Dynamite Daniel, Suite à votre "request for review"... Mon Commentaire: Good Song ! Un bon Son Electrique! Carine Dito (Parolière/Lyricist) Ma page Facebook: ............../carine.dito Like & Share on Facebook
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