Soldier Of Fortune.

Powerful entrance/intro into the song, almost a battle like march, great lyrics, whirlpool of death, the dilemma of sacrifice for your faith,I like the inclusion of the bible verse, The song reminds of the biblical verse: Put on the whole armor of God....You are gonna need it. Great instrumental, one can envision a struggle to the death taking place. Of course this song has a happy ending, because he goes to his just rewards. I also have to give you respect for the family love you keep singing about. God and family will get you through most any crisis. you paint the story in an easy to understand way. Soldier of fortune works well and is nicely done. ~~Art~Whimsically Yours Studio.~~Matt

left on the outside

nice arranging....doesn't sound cheesy or amateurish for a rock song the guitar you might want to increment down a bit....then again ti sounds fine as it is...if you lower it you will be putting it "into" the mix

"Memories" - Review

First impression: Very rough vocally -- in a manner I don't think you want -- it's not "out there" enough to qualify as an "up yours, I'm a punk" vibe, and not well-sung enough to stand up against the more powerful and aggressive instrumentation. Vocals do have passion, though. You just need to refine them from a technical standpoint. The song structure, however, is quite good and goes into some unexpected places. Kudos there. Even without a "quick - sing me!" hook, this song could really have its place. A better balance between instruments and vocals is really needed, but you have the bones of a potentially interesting and compelling piece.


Guys, very bad vocal! Sorry, but you need better vocals - it's very uninspiring. Both the guitar and vocal sounds the same and it's a shame. Try to do two different melodies instead, then your message will be more clear.


I feel there's a discrepancy between what the guitar does and what the singer does. You might want to decide how to balance it all off and make a song that communicates what you certainly intend to communite to the listener. The intentions are good i just think it need a little bit more working on, musically speaking. Good luck !

Review of "Memories" by Gabrielle Crow

This song sounds just a little bit rough around the edges; but all and all is not that bad. I did find myself banging my head to the beat a few times. This is an emotional song, you might want to have the lead guitarist try to play with a little more emotion and always remember to play to fit the song.

rock on

need a new vocalist


Ok, here we go. Intro is too long. 45 secs till vocals come in. The guitar riff is really good though. There is no clear hook in the song which is a shame. The vocals are not fantastic but ok. Try a contrasting melody vocally on your next song. Not bad though!

nice music

Buena musica amigo, sigue así!!!!!
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