Pray/ Wait

I truely love this song. This song has a nice begining. I love heartfelt song likePray/ Wait. Beautiful song that will connect with people around the world. I really love this song. I love the background. I thank God for your songs that draw people in to Pray/ Wait, beautiful title.

Thoughts on "Pray/Wait"...

To begin with, the song is very sweet, and the keys work well to draw the listener in... a nice opening. The lyrics are powerful - yet simple. The vocals are perfect for the theme which is prayer... the talk/sing style is just right for the mix! The lyrics are uplifting and the refrain - "pray - wait" is sound teaching/admonishment. The rhythm and beat are a funky groove to sway to and lay a good foundation for the music above... as the song progresses the male voices add some weight to the song at just the right time. This song could be sung anywhere and touch hearts with it's beautiful words and great vocals. I love this song! The only thing that might make it more interesting would be a females doing a follow after the male parts near the end - and then going out with everyone's voices with more pizzazz... A grander ending might take it up another notch, but as it stands - this song is amazing! Thank you for sharing such a great song with the world... You blessed my ears and my soul. Michael D'Aigle

Really like the beat

Great message on the music really sharing a message that I need to hear daily about praying and waiting on God in all things also I like to lay back flow to it which is complemented also bye his voice

Love the song

I enjoy listening to your song. Your song reminded me of the 90's music and I loved that you were talking about God. I felt like dancing to your song and I think thats a good thing because I believe music should move you. I think that I would like to have heard a little more harmony through the song but over all the song was good


Sometimes when we are going through, we find it hard to wait on the Lord. Your song encourages souls around the world just to pray and wait on the Lord. The words and music compliment each other not overbearing but clear.

Keep Singing for God

Good message keep going, be encouraged, and don't give up, you never know Who might be encouraged by the message that you provide so keep going no matter what , always let your focus be to give God glory for that's what it is all about him being glorified so keep singing keep writing keep producing forgot and the only what you do for Christ will last ....


I thought the melody was soothing, has a great biblical message, at times it seemed as everything was running together, which made it hard to stay focused and hear the words with a clear understanding.


I enjoyed this song because it is encouraging and will give the listener hope which is what this world needs. Music today can be so depressing so to hear a song with a positive message of hope in the Lord is Great.


Great song, Love the message and I love the the Marvin Gaye sample. And I know a lot of people look down on mixing gospel with R&B type beats but I like the fact that you wasnt afraid to do so. The only thing I would change is to take that rapper off the track completely or make the song longer in order to have your featured artist have more presence in the song because his his verse was too short. overall great job.

Smooth Sound With A True Message

First time listening to Pray/Wait my attention was caught by the smooth production on the vocals really creating a piece of music that was easy to listen to with a message that applies to all of us today. We need to pray to our Heavenly Father then wait to know His direction.

Soul Gospel

There have been many artist that transition from the Christian side of Gospel to the secular world of Soul. In Dwayne Coley's "Pray/Wait" it sounds almost the opposite had occurred. The soft melodic vocals intertwined with harmony were reminiscent of some of my favorite R&B singers from the secular world of Pop music. I hope to hear more coming from this Floridian soon. Best of luck.


I think that this song is creative but the production could be a little different to match the vocals. The lyrics are good as well as it directly leads you to a scripture. Being bible based in your songs is always excellent!


I really love this song the of this we were in church Sunday and our Pastor spoke on prayer ..This song is perfect for the times we live in today..The prayer of the eighties availeth min.God bless you my brother stay with the Lord please pray for me.

Love the beat

Hey I love the beat of this song a lot and I like the message about praying and waiting I can definitely relate to this song and I also like the melody of the songs as well and the instruments in the beat

Best Kept Secret

They say that jewels are pressured in the secret, hidden places, because the process they are going through requires unadulterated seclusion, insulation. However, once released it is a joy for all. This is what I think about this song. Powerful!
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