Dr Fred Cole / Homecoming / Return to Samsara

Ambient Relaxation Newage and much more

Normally I don´t make more than 2 reviews of the same artist. The reason that this is my 4. review of Fred Coles music is that I think I have become a fan of his music. Coles music has a lot of depth, Quality and sense. And this track is still in the same style as Fred Cole use to make but with a mix of Ambient, Relaxation and New Age, but it is much more than that. This music creates pictures in my mine and maybe this music has the same efect on me as the music of weather Report. Maybe Fred Cole is an update and the continuation of weather Report. Doctor Fred Cole goes on where Weather Report did last/stoped. The members of wheather Report are all almost dead today and the group do not exist any longer. I thnk there may be to members of weather Report who is stile alive and maybe still active. Fred Cole does expres a huge amount of feelings and thoughts with this quiet and relaxing music. Keep going on with your good job.

Piano work is amazing.

For me being a metal guy. I enjoyed the piano work. Very calming. Wish I could play like that. On the side effects I would back off a little and let the piano do the work. Believe me it won’t take much. And very good job.


Very nice relaxing Music to listen in The Park ...good for some Video.. is a little to long for The Radio Play..I'm not sure haw It will work at Life Concert..Market for this Category Music is very limited but I do think It will work in some New Age Store ( or something like that )..It will be very hard to pitch that to some Music Publishers ( They very rear accepting instrumental Music) ,,but who know.Try It..Movie Studio is the other way...I wish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job..

Ambiente de paz.

Es difícil encontrar canciones que bajo un vestido de música ambiental, guarden en su interior tantos matices, Return to Samsara podría ser una de ellas. La melodía por dónde nos conduce el piano es muy original con sabores muy variados, tranquilos, intensos, suaves ... hasta conseguir introducirnos en una serena serenidad, como si nos transportara a otro lugar. Y todo ello con los ecos de un oasis de fondo.

Return to Samsara

Hello! This is a beautiful piece of piano. Peaceful and the ambiance is nice. It makes me traveling somewhere. The sounds behind give more relief on your music. I would play on the stereo image with the sounds to have an image of the scene. But that's a good job!


Return to Samsara begins with one of the elements I love: water and then water is combined with another element that I love the sound of the piano. the set of the two things seems almost as if they were born together but instead you had a great intuition that is to put them together and to propose them in an almost surreal look, without a predefined metric, almost as if the flow of water dictated the times of the melody. ingenious

The calm before the storm

This is something that could soothe me to sleep on a stressful day when needed. It is very tranquil and symphonic. Reminds me of those Rainey days in Seattle waiting for the rain to clear up but then realizing you’re in Seattle and that’s not happening. Lol enjoyed very much

Very beautiful composition-improvisation.

Hello! It's flowing! It's Fresh! Nice piano sound in introduction. Beautiful harmonies, and lyricism. The major/minor mix is something that I love very much in music. The composition gets bigger after a few minutes, it's very nice to listen to. A beautiful piano technique, sir! Very beautiful composition-improvisation, full of imagination. It is rare to listen to such beautiful music. Bravo!!!


Nice Intro, sounds very soothing all the way through, is good to relax to, except when it comes toward the middle it gets a little busy, but then nicely flowing to the end, leaving open for more .....possible to add no2 .. All I can say is nicely played and put together super
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