Nice voices

There are so many recordings of My Funny Valentine, but you guys got a very special one! I love the bass groove and the vocal interpretation, very beautiful balance between piano and trumpet.Congrats

A Sweet Rendition....

Wonderful control over the Entire progression. Excellent musicianship throughout the performance. The voice was well controlled very enduring and full of emotion. This performance was true to the standard, however it gave us a little more. I really appreciate the natural sound of the acoustic bass. This always gives us the essence of jazz My funny Valentine was done excellently. Doctor Fred Cole, keep up the good work. I am Stan Barnes and I approve this review.


I never really hear the words "Valentine" and "funny" is the same sentence so that's probably a first for me.This is a beautifully recorded piece.The vocals are really nice,well performed and recorded which combined with the feel of the piano and mute trumpet really set the tone here.Musically it is clear that this band is full of competent players who understand how a track like this should flow.This kind of musical performance is truly timeless as it will always touch ones soul with its melancholic melody and scale.Thank you doctor.I'm feeling much better after that medicine :) Great track guys !! I'll be keeping an eye out for future productions !! Jazbuntu


This is a nice song .sound to Me like a Cabaret Style..but I do not know what You will do with It..Is way to long for a Radio Play and let's face..not to many people like to hear Song over 7 min possible that will be ok on Life Performance but again It is to long..Music Publishers are Very Hard to Please and for sure They will NOT listen all the way.. if I be You I will make it app 3.5 long max and after that I will try to pitch to Them..I wish You good luck with submissions.. good Job..

Tradition and Touch

A tasteful version of a well-known standard. The vocal is strong and has some emotional depth. Piano accompaniment and trumpet backgrounds round out a worthwhile offering of the classic tune. Adding a bass player would have given them a solid anchor for this outing.

Lovely valentine !!

Hello to all of you! Definitely a beautiful song with a masterful performance, in all senses. The female voice, in addition to sensual is very sweet and with all the feelin that makes it even more captivating. The execution of the piano is excellent, and the almost constant participation of the trumpet, is very pleasant. The sound of the drums is excellent and has good sound. The Bass highlights, sometimes a little more, but it's very good. the recording and mastering are very good. I congratulate you for your great work.

My Funny Valentine Review

Excellent rendition. The somber tones and jazz playing is lovely and reminiscent of a great time in music. It is delightful to listen to. Your playing is magnificent. This is one of my most favorite tunes and is surely not always done right, I have heard numerous versions with and and without vocals and very few touch my spirit like yours, I look forward to hearing more of your work and I wish you much success in all your endeavors.


This is Nice Cabaret / Jazz Song.. I think This is One of Your Best..I know That Music Insiders will say is to long.. but for Me All Make Sense ..Great to perform It is some Up End Establishment .. I like the Improvisations..if I be You I will make 2 versions of It..One for Life Performance and the other for a Radio and Music Publishers... Good Vocal to..I Really think that You Must send It out.. and I wish You good luck with pitching.. I Really enjoy It.. Good Job..

Dr Fred Cole

Listen to Dr Fred Cole. I love her singing! it is not only her musical expression and very rubatic singing but also excellent control long notes even in very high tones. She has a very good jazz feel and elastic sound in dynamics. I think that the trumpeter improvisation is not as good as Fred Cole's sound requires. In order to make a full review, I would need to listen to more songs, faster ones and more styles.

Love this ! Ever so much Class :-)

Love this ! Ever so much Class :-) This is a lovely rendition of one of my favorite pieces in this art form. I would only make a positive suggestion into the overall mix... It could be improved and made even more spectacular ! Love this ! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful Music... Many Many Blessings to you all... :-) Great Job !!!

Sultry and simplistic

Very nice rendition of one of my favorite ballads. Vocals are silky and sultry. The instrumentation is soul stirring but not over the top. The arrangement is simplistic making statements in the right moments.
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