Dreamlife / 2006 / I Will Survive

It really gets to be a drag when, all you really need is love...

'I will survive' by Dreamlife reminds me of the 80's New Romantic synth pop sound yet with a twist of punky type attitude mixed into the composition. Also, now I think of it- 'Here come cowboys' by the Furs.

Great song, Indie is back

A very good song, "I will Survive" sounds like a top level song, this song could be in the UK charts, sharp like an 80ies song, catchy like a post modern song, sensual voice, sharp guitars, strong/bright bass, groovy drums, cool ... Rock is back on the dance floor... Hey d.j.s!!! Can you play this song next time?

Retro & Anthemic

This song definitely has an anthemic 1980's vibe going on.I like the vocals.The "I will survive you" hook is memorable. Nice mashing of alternative with dance music.The production is top knotch too,Overall a song I would listen to again.

Good song could be a great song.

I do like this song. Well played and nice recording. I like the vocal althoug there is not much of a melody. It all sounds a bit sinister but thats quite intetesting. Maybe a bit much guitar and it sems lazy with regard to fitting the song some how, could be more inventive and add to the atmosphere rather than that rock style. Lyrics are good and i love the second verse i think the first verse could do with a rethink. Overall great song, nice feel to it great hook in the chorus. Fix the guitar and first verse and i think you have it nailed.

I would buy this song except for this vocal.

OK...I get the intention of the vocal, however, the vocal is not up to par. The quality of the voice is right on, but to record a vocal you need to have more than a 3 note range and certainly, not to be so pitchy. The production is well done, I would buy this song if the vocal was on key. Please record this song again I'd really be behind it, if it didn't make me cringe. Best of luck.

good sound

it's a nice rock pop sound with luscious keyboards and garage aftertaste. Quite pleasing and authentic, to my ears the voice is lacking some energy and maybe skills but it's coherent and well balanced. The bass sound is among my favorite, there is some originality but it's not opening a gap in music genre either. the recording is very pro ! well done!

Outstanding Alternative Rock Song

Great music starts off with engaging tone and this song is really remarkable. All the way from stanza to the refrain are accompained of brilliant rock-guitar sound and the perfect played drums. I like the melodic bass-lines still concentrated on the base drum. That´s not simple especially in the fills and mark a professional bass player. This song characterizes also extraordinary syntheziser generated sound coming at the right time. Brilliant sounding refrain and the unique vocals including great lyrics is an extrafactor what makes the song creative. The imaginative transitions from the stanza to the chorus makes the song lively and creative. The fantastic played e-guitar solo in the bridge increases this tune and is another extra factor. This song is from a musician, who understand what good music is about. Also the mixing and mastering is professionell. This a powerful arrangement influenced by alternativ rock and independent music in perfect orchestration. I can´t stop listen to this song and I´m sure, you will likewise add. Let others know your recommendation.


This has a terrific 80's swagger to it. Combining rock and electronic elements with a dance driven backing, this draws you in from start to finish. With a decent chorus hook and biting guitar dubs I would like more from this artist.

Real talk

Great song. I can feel the emotion in the song and the inspiration to keep going in a positive motivation. I hope the best for you in your musical journey. Especially in the eastern world now a days...

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Awesome song!

Love the beginning of this, very cool experimental sound. As an indie and alternative musician myself, I definitely like what you've created. The lyrics are meaningful and the music is new and really great. I am interested in hearing more of your songs. Keep making cool music like this, I really like the style and artistry of the song.

Not enough diversion

Boring lyrics. Intro too long. Not enough dynamic or diversity in notes. No hook really. Too animatronic. No high low, only blaring. Basically yelling. Sorry. Attempt putting more meaning into what your point is. Hope you can add those dynamics and revisit your song:)

Nice work guys.

A fine and distinctive voice heads the show. Like the down stroke guitar that drives the song forward and the organ is sumptuous. Human League and Franz Ferdinand take a ride with Teleman and the rest! A memorable carousel. Like the guitar breaking through at the end. Lush.

I will survive you:

Great song perfect mix. Very catchy tune with lyrics that make sense and go with the melody. The voice fits perfectly to give the intended feel to this session. Song to me is telling the the girl that the singer will get over you and move you n with his life. He will find another, one better, one that will stay.

Brillante y energética...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad desde ese primer instante que se adentra con un sonido muy sicodélico hasta esos arreglos sutiles de guitarras que se van transformado en energía pura y natural con sabrosa intensidad. Las bases rítmicas muy elegantes y contundentes. La voz del intérprete también recorre paisajes inundados de gran calidad y le aporta esa energía que toda canción rock necesita.
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