Dr C. I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band / Various / I'll Lift Up Your Name O Lord.

Salut toi!

Passion african soul and positive energy! I like it;) Maybe song needs for arrangement's edit, but anyway i like the way your style! Best wishes! Christian Van Boollen (vanboollen.eu)

Lift up your name

Now how can you not like this song. Good choice because a lot of people can identify with a positive message as many need it. The voices are all unique and the instrumental is nice except the drums. Sounds very key board-ish. Keep pushing with the message and make sure that it has that Snap and thump on the percussion and you will be on your way.

Review of "lift up your name oh Lord"

Nice local church music and beautiful song. Pity that the vocals are so muggy, needs clarity. Lyrics are not too clear. Your backing is very good, maybe it should be done by them as a choir instead of having the lead voice. Or bring the lead vocalist way forward! Catchy tune. Try to get someone to blend and mix it together, it will be very popular!

I'll Lift Up Your Name O Lord

Nice children's song to praise the Lord. Love the lyrics. It would be nice if you could get someone to arrange the vocals for better harmony.

lift up your name o lord

Wonderful, inspirational and uplifting piece of music. Perfect song for a church children's choir to sing. Thumb's up!


I like the message of you giving praises to the lord . But this here sounds like it would have had a better chance back in the motown days. Now I belive that you need a coach with Industry experience In A Blues Jazzy field .

Ill lift up your name o lord

Not my style of music, the style reminds me a little bit an State (Tamaulipas) musician named Rigo Tovar, sounds well done.
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