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Turn around and go

Hello Down Town Mystic.. I like your song, Turn Around and Go. It's got a nice feel to it. Kind of a 70s thing .. Yeah, it's a good one to tap yer toes to. Good quality recording and good musicianship. I hope I can get something to sound that good..

Turn it on

Catchy into takes a listener... Nice old school groove is very nice to hear. DownTown Mystic makes a great close to mainstream rock. Song is very well mixed, and everything is very well produced. The best thing is, you want to hear this again. DownTown Mystic can make songs which are ready for mainstream Radio play. We have introduced this song on our Radio show at Radio Finlandia. Check this out if your heart is Rock!

Great Production

This song just sounds great! The drums really pop and the guitars are mixed well. Nice hooks, Catchy chorus. The bridge couldve been a little better deliniated, but overall nicely done. This could easily be a radio hit.

professional pop

Professional pop rock reminiscent of early '80s major label stuff, The Sunset Grill, Plimpsouls, etc. Singer has good voice for rock and roll. Catchy guitar hook riff. Strong bass and drum performance, chorus vocals. Good mix. All in all, an old school approach with potential for commercial success. Rock or Pop Rock better choice of genre.

great mazing

i love that song is mazing and awesome , i always listen on day , i wish u congrat and im keep share this around a world , dow twon mystic i add this track song on my favoris music and keep it up . great job

Van Huey

Listened twice before starting. Hard edge, nice harmonies, good driving rock feel. Really had some of that old rock kick drum attitude.. A touch of Van Halen with the harmonies. Gave me the feel of Huey Lewis at places. Musically sound, with a driving beat and enough repetition to drive home the hook. Loved the drum start and the toe-tapping thump of the downbeat. This is good stuff and I hope you keep up the good work. Really could find little wrong here....but these reviews are to help so I'll get really picky and say the the bridge wasn't my favorite part. ( is such a foolish game.....) As a songwriter, I know how hard this part is. It's not bad at all....but just didn't quite fit perfectly. I'm really being picky here. It was good....but I'm just saying it could be better. Nicely may have a hit on your hands.

driving song

Ok, first of all, this is a great rock song. Voice is cool, guitar settings are perfect. Its radio ready. I would never turn this off if I were driving in my car, although I might turn around and go ... straight to the record store to buy this record.

Cool Beanz ..

Love the feel.. Tom Petty move over there's a new kid in town. A nice little rockin' number done well. Keep up the great work. With efforts such as yours it will sure to catch the ears of the powers that be..

New Jersey

Boy you can take the man out of Jersey but you can't take the Jersey out of the man. Very regional sound, very well produced. Pop rock formulated..Verses, chorus, pop hook and a off course change....yup Jersey all the way. Best of luck

A Breath of Fresh Air

This is a very nice record that captivates the pure essence of Americana. I am from the East coast as well and this song makes me feel good from head to toe. This song is well written and deserves to be playing nation wide on Fm radio.

Pretty Good !

You definitely got the sound! Keep it up I wouldnt mind collaborating one day. I can definitely tell you are not a beginner. Everything is on point and in perfect harmony. Hey if u get a chance come and check my music out as well!

Solid, like a....

Very well crafted song. The song structure is both familiar and somewhat off the beaten track, which makes for some interesting ear candy. The guitar riff, pre-chorus and main hook each bring a musical theme, and each theme is well arranged in the song, plays off the other themes well and repeats just the right amount of times. A very solid effort. The only bit of constructive criticism I have... If you can get the melody to be more singable, like a nursery rhyme or a lullaby, or kids songs in general, that's always money. (This is not to say your melody is not strong, but I feel the strongest melodies have this child like element to it.) Bravo, keep it up. Cheers.


you got a cool groove. you got it going for you. but still its like a tune on the radio. and your message is this?ok. you have a good tune here. is it this one you whant too bee remember by?still all good

Turn Around and Go

I'm liking the grove. Good song form, good lyrics. I felt the vocals were getting drowned out a little which made me have to struggle to catch all the words. Back up vocals were a nice touch but again they dropped in volume as they came in. I also might of used the back up vocals on the last couple words leading into the chorus and bridge, just my thoughts. Over all a nice job, good song. I'll be sure to check out some of your other material. TC

Room for another Bon Jovi

I'm all in for these guys! Good rockin' from New Jersey as only New Jersey can be represented. Lots of musical and lyrical hooks, great song structure, solid lead and backup vocals abound with this recording. There's an element of historical 60's era British invasion influence as much as there is soul music, too. There's no holding back here--strongly recommended!
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