Doug Jackson, Songwriter / KCP-07 / Savin Up My Love (Female Lead)

On Savin Up My Love

Doug, I've listen to so many of your songs they are all Amazing. What a gift you have, Wishing you the best of 2018. I love it that you are Country. Thank you for a Amazing job in writing. Your friend, kevin j herman kevinjhermanmusic/Chicago

Beautiful !

Absolutely fantastic ! The song really is dynamite and is one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. The vocals, mix, arrangement and instrumentation are top notch . Best of luck to you !

A Great Track!

Doug hit me right on the head with this bright, hooky, country song. From the start I was engaged by the cool guitar riffs and straight up shuffle beat. The lyric is catchy and the chorus "hook" stuck right with me. I did feel like the singer could have done this one up a step in key but she did a great job just the same. I also felt this one ran on a bit at the end. Just my taste there. In all, a great recording of a great song! Nice work Doug. Best of luck with this one, DWM

Savin' up my love

Nice tune and a great vocal !..Great guitar work also !..This song is representative of new country and has the sound to be on mainstream radio !..Good luck and let's hear some more songs of this type !

Saving up my love

Nice mix, great voice however I'm confused it says Doug just doesn't sound like a Doug but sounds like a good song for Faith Hill. The lady has a great voice what is her name?This is a good country song, just the kind Radio needs.Nice production every thing fits in the pocket.

My review on saving up your love

It's a very nice song Doug and I really enjoyed listening to it. Find the song to be just a little bit over produced. As we say in the music industry the song is " too busy". But that can easily be corrected in mixing down. Very fine vocalist. Nice tempo and hook. Some might say the lead break is a bit too long. Song is Radio Ready. Wishing you the best ! - john

Hello from Jerzy...

I listen that song 3 is not a Country Song ( is just my opinion ) is on First Place in here.. but I wonder haw it will stand up in Real is a good song .easy to dance ..more pop / soft rock to me...I wish You a good luck to pitch it ..Jerzy...

Savin up my love

Clean mix, solid instruments and in tune, but not quite there lyrically and melodically. The melody reminds me a little too much of All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. The lyric didn't convince me as to why she's saving up her love. You have some talent but this one isn't at the current level of Nashville tunes. Keep working and you'll get there!

Great song!

I love the Intro guitar signature Lick. The lyrics are catchy and the vocalist sounds great. Good production. The only thing I'd like to have heard is that, rather than chopping up the phrasing, that it flowed more smoothly with no breaths. As a producer, there are too many vocal pauses. Her vocals would shine, they would mesh better with the cool musical flow if you could tie those lines together!! Definitely has commercial appeal! Good job Doug!

Song review

Great up beat tune with good vocal great sound quality.l think this song has great promise Just keep pushing it and you will have success if you stay on it and promote the song vigorously....

Nice but, I'm confused

I thought it was Doug Jackson? There is a girl singing. Anyway, it's awesome. She is traditional country all the way. I love it. Reminds me of Miranda Lambert. Whoever wrote the song it's very catchy as well. Reminds me of a television commercial. Could easily get caught in my head and show itself all day long whether wanted or The voice and the song made me truly smile and I've had a very bad day. I am still confused as to who is the album artist though.

Savin Up My Love

Doug Jackson's Savin Up My Love opens with a catchy musical hook riding on an easy swinging pop groove. The female vocalist and the musicians put in solid performances. The chorus is catchy. I think the song could be stronger if maybe the order of the verses were switched and the story line was honed a bit, contextually, to build more of the listener's empathy for where the singer is coming from. All in all, a solid song.

Cheezy Girly

Guitar Sounds Great I will be savin up my love for the Guitar Player. Whom made the song. Could Be more harmonies in the song. I also believe the break was too long didn't need a piano Solo. The writing is pretty good. Need To Drop about 50 sec. off the song. This song has potential but needs work.

Great Catchy Country Song!!!

Excellent catchy country song! The engineering and producing is great as well! Great sound and energy! Worth taking a listening to! Thanks for the new song! Keep doing what you do! Krist Kelli

hello there

My name is Justin Blake and I am just showing support for other country music artist like for my self. The world today need a little bi of country and a little bit of rock roll you make the day go by easier
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