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Maybe I'm just a sucker for traditional country, but this is extremely well written, performed, and mixed! The effort and detail shine through. It's refreshing to hear music that has distinction from all of the other stuff cranked out by the "Nashville Machine" where you can't tell where the last song ended, and the current one began. It takes me back to when country was country. Thank you for keeping it real! =Hank=


This is nice song..I'm very much surprise that someone in NZ "catch" the style from Texas.."Amarillo by Morning " come to My Head..JUST cut a little the intro and try to pitch It to some Country Music Publisher ..for sure Country Radio will play Your song..I was living in Amarillo for over 8 Years.. so Yes You touch My heart ..I do not know what Music Insiders will say but I Really like It ..I do hope that You will make More songs like That.. I wish You good luck with submissions...

Someone's Heart Is Breaking

Hi Don. Just having a listen to your song. I love the fact that both your vocal's, and your back up vocal's are nice and clear, sometimes instruments can over take the song. Very nicely done, excellent in the traditional sound of good old country music. The instruments were relatively soft in presentation, which made the song sound as though it flowed from verse to verse...very nicely done, my compliments to you and your musicians.

Someone's Heart is Breaking Review

Hi Don. As much as I don't spend too much time with the achy breaky heart stuff, you have a very nicely played song. The number of instrumentals are "just enough," so as to not make it sound cluttered. They are nicely mixed. I always love the dobro in just about every country song. Nice accents, fills, and harmonizing with the mandolin. Your voice is clear enough to understand the words easily, and the harmonies are just enough to add a fullness at the right times; yet not enough to take away from the melody. Keep up the good work my friend. Yours in Christ, Trev :)

Very good song

Hi Don, as in another song I reviewed of yours, I really like the composition and the music, backup singers and the whole structure and subject matter of your song. If the trend for soft hearted songs and love songs of the late 50's and early 60's were to return I would say it would have a great chance of making it. This modern day music industry doesn't seem to want those old sentimental songs. Best of luck to you and keep putting them out!

Someon's Heart Is Breaking worthy effort

Someone's Heart Is Breaking is complete with outstanding instrumentation for a true country Ballard. The most impressive aspect is the singers voice. Lovely timber on this fine effort from Don Smythe.

easy listening

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Very soothing sounds

Very kewl soothing sounds. Well done, have to catch up one day and have a jam session????????????????do you travel much? Where do you get your inspiration from amazing talent? Would like to hear more. Do you do gospel as well?
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