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I absolutely love the keyboard at the beginning. . .totally the right tone and then what a wonderful unexpected change, very nicely produced, also a very nice mix, an awesome original, the vocals are very good, as a woman it allows the heart to be touched in a very special way and is very cerebral, I love the orchestration in the middle, there are some very cool changes in the song as a whole, a very nice song. . .please keep creating and enjoying what we love, your fan, Teresa Eden

Mediocre band ...ok

Well guys you're right about falling in love. This is a nice little song here that I can tell comes from the heart. Although I feel the song falls a little flat for me. I can appreciate your aptitude for writing music and arranging. I can hear some decent musical skills coming from this band but there needs to be more depth and diversity emanating from this track to win over most music fans. I wish you guys the best and I hope you continue to craft and hone your skills for your fans and maybe make some new ones along the way.

pretty intro

I like the way the song starts , and sounds like the vocals may be doubled to add strength nice touch, I like the melody line and the verse chord progression , well done very nice recording the drum keeps the fell moving .

Très bien

Bonjour Dodging Dove, depuis les début je suive votre musique car elle est agréable a écouter. je suis comptent d'avoir des amies comme vous et je vous souhaite le meilleurs pour votre progression musicale, vous faits des chansons digne d’appréciation bien sonorisé et bien cossu niveau structurel ce qui fait que votre musique est professionnel avec de travaille bien fait. Je vous souhaite que du bonheur dans votre carier :) Bien amicalement amoitusol

Review of Fall & Winter

I think that the piano needs to be changed....I don't know if it is a real piano or not, but because of the sound of the piano in the beginning I almost didn't listen to the song....Also cut the intro down....The song has a good grove and would be better if you went ahead somehow and got into that groove faster.....It's written okay. There isn't a lot of meat to the song as far as lyrics go. And what I mean by that it's kinda redundant....Good late 70s early 80s feel to it.... Over all an okay song.


Nice to hear Fall & winter Nice to hear Fall & winter Nice to hear Fall & winter Nice to hear Fall & winter Nice to hear Fall & winter Nice to hear Fall & winter Nice to hear Fall & winter Nice to hear Fall & winter


Absolutely gorgeous arrangement. The huskiness of your voice contrasts well with the piano. The lyrics are real and yet surreal at the same time. This song definitely should be played on the radio.

Interesting, full and warm

First I´d like to say: I disagree with parts of the lyrics;-) I do not think that you only fall in love once, I would find that pretty sad. Furthermore, for me Spring has always been the best time:-) Maybe I should state that I am a fan of long-time relationships... But of course, these things are different for every single person and it´s interesting to hear, how the world presents itself to other people. Vocals are interesting and smooth and draw the attention to the lyrics immediately. The mix sounds awkward, but in a good way. Awkward in the way Mixes of Bon Iver sometimes sound. Not streamlined and boring like most stuff we get to hear every day. The dynamic structure of the song is retained in a natural way. Not squashed to lifelessness like far too many songs are. Mix sounds full and warm. The high strings sometimes mask the lead vocal. Other than that: Very nice song and production.

Fall and winter

This is a beautiful song to fall in love too, The music is nice to listen to it is easy listening, I highly recommend you listen to this song I promise you will enjoy it and want to hear more the instrumentals are a little overwhelming but the vibe is groovy. I love dodging dove other songs too you should so check them out, You will not be disappointed the vocals need to be more pronounced but other than that I can find nothing bad to say. It is a delightful vibe and I am technically deaf I can feel the intensity of their music I LOVE THE VIBE

Fall & Winter

Why is it the best time to fall in love? Still don't know from what the song says, but it is a catchy lyric and sounds good. Repetition is good in a song and helps the listeners to remember it and sing along. I think the song would benefit from more a few more verses instead of the chorus being repeated. I enjoyed the instrumental and found it very soothing, quite original. I hope to hear more from Dodging Dove soon. I also find the singer's voice very soothing, reminds me of Neil Diamond. All in all, a great song. I'm sure others will like it too and it will place in the charts!

Best Time to fall in Love

I love this song! It's great, but there's one small problem. The title should be "The best time to fall in Love" or something like that, because that's the strongest lyrical image the listener hears due to the way it was recorded and produced. That's just my take on it sonically. I remember those words. Not the "Fall & Winter..." lines. They're so buried in the mix they're hard to make out. Now if it was remixed to accentuate those lines, then it might work. Okay, enough of me whining about the title of the song. That's really such a small part of this wonderful picture. This is one of the most elaborately and lusciously produced songs that I've heard on numberonemusicdotcom EVER!!! This song is smooth! The blending of voices into instrumentation and back into voices is almost seamless! It has such an ethereal sound and the audio imagery is totally surreal. Whoever produced this had a plan and all of the little production tricks which they have employed really came together to make this quite an auditory experience indeed. Personally, I'm not surprised that this came from Kansas. There is SO MUCH TALENT THERE and elsewhere in the Mid West. My Guitar Player, Aaron Michael Orth is from Hays, Kansas along with that guy from Florida Georgia Line. It must be in the soil or something...spirit of the Buffalo. I don't know, but I do know this: There are a lot of talented musicians, actors, and artists from that part of the country. I wan't wait to hear more from these guys! Another thing, this is a Christian song, but it's not in your face. The message is subtle and suggestive, which is the most effective method to employ when trying to get this particular message across. Well done!

Great Work!

I really like the concept of this song. The title is catchy. I think you could be on to something here. Best of luck with it and keep up the great work!! Best Wishes and WRITE ON!!! Peace Out! Sherri

Skin deep

Hi there ! Just a few lines to say.. I did enjoy this track I like the best but think it could be exploited in as much as bringing it down and rebuild from the last but one verse all the same keep on keeping on and we will listen to more and get some more music on this site

good song

good song. i love this type of groove , the best time to fall in ove it amazing how a song can be at the top of your list and then you hear one like this that takes that spot. I fell in love with this song a long time ago .

review of 'Fall & Winter'

a pop love song, kicks off with a simple yet hypnotic piano intro riff, then gradually building up the layers into an electro pop/rock track. Not much to criticize really as it's done very well, nicely written and played. Maybe the high notes on the vocal are a bit of a reach but that's all I could say. On the plus side, there's a good use of guitars with a nice riff, good use of strings sounds and a nice melodic chorus. The mix is ok, though the drums are maybe a little low, which tends to make them lack impact and drama. The outro is very nice, very melodic and it. I good track, would listen to it several times and would definitely search for more of your tunes! Good job!
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