DJ Michael Angello / Prometheus Rising RMX 'Risen' by DJ Michael Angello / Prometheus Rising RMX 'Risen' by DJ Michael Angello

Classy Prometheus!!

A great piece of trance - I loved this from the moment it started! Floating bouncing mid-synths, high-end angelic sounds and gasping female vocal sounds make the track a classic from square one. About two thirds of the way in comes a lovely drop followed by more awesomeness! Constantly changing and keeping up the good vibes from start to finish this is a winner!


Siempre es por mi parte un placer el ayudar a compartir tu trabajo, por que veo que amas la música como yo. No creo que pierdas nunca esa ilusión y que las musas te acompañen siempre como hasta ahora. Sigue fuerte, yo también lo hago. Y nunca dejare de vivir la música hasta el ultimo suspiro de mi vida. Que dios nos de muchos años para seguir disfrutando y compartiendo nuestra música. Por que la música es parte de todos y hace que nos sintamos mucho mejor cada día. Cuídate y hasta pronto compañero.

New taste, original variation

the theme music starts as a soft breeze that gradually mutates in favor of a lively pace that makes traveling for a world of new variations us. Evolution is harmonious and perhaps lacks some stringed instrument like a violin or guitar for contrasting shades

I'm On A Journey

When I listen to this song, I feel as though I'm on a futuristic voyage and I'm traveling somewhere distant into the deepest realms of space! It's an awesome feeling when an artist can captivate someone into feeling like they are part of the story and the song.


I love the beginning so beautiful. Has a great dance beat, kind of spacey I like that n_u. It's a rather sweet song. But it's mixed great everything is in its place! Very kick ass keep it up n_n!

Prometheus Rising Rmx Reviewed by Rastix

Well produced track!! All of the sounds sit nicely together. The song has really nice airy pads and they almost seem to lift you off into a dream world thats all your own! I like how it starts off as a darker feel and when you get to the main parts of the song it has a completely different feel. I can't compare it to the original track because I don't know it but I can say that this track was very enjoyable to listen to. It has kind of an old school Infected Mushroom feel to it. Keep up the great work!!! Cheers!

Cinematic sound

This would be a good choice for background while the credits are rolling at the end of a film. Very uplifting. Has lots of energy and motion. The vocal adds richness.

great track

Hey I have just listened to your remix of this track and its a great track keep up the excellent work I am a record label and I'm scouting new artists if you think you have what it takes then send me a demo to and if I like it I will get back to you straight away From broomez420 manager and CEO of broomez420records #broomez420 #broomez420recorda #broomez420media
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