good ol

not my genre, i think a good song but probably not so new; good melody and voice, great arrangement; i like the instrument used in the song; good work

Review of Good Ol by Distillery Dave

very nice country song! very good arrangements, pleasant voice, nice beginning of the song, nice and elegant harmonies and their changes, very good vibes, good melody and its development, - the whole song is written in traditions of the good country music - congratulations and keep it up!

good ol boys like me

good country song

Good ol'boys like me

the track has the typical country sound, but the mix needs to be worked out, cause the lead vocal really stands out from everything else, and to me it's like having the backing track on one side and the voice on the other. I would improve also the aspects of interpretation and pitch on voice. Keep it up!!Good luck

Good Ol' Boys Like Me

I love the song. The arrangement is good. I like the balance of the instruments, the tune is good and has a really good catchy chorus. Back to the song, I could really identify with it. Pieces of the lyrics rang true even about my life as an Irish person. The vocals are the weak but that can be worked on. Maybe a change of key could help.

Good' Ol Boys Like Me

Hi Africangunns, Music : Good production, good mix, it's a tradiionnal Country song. Voice : Unfortunately, the voice is false on the verses and the choruses. Back vocals is too low in mix, and it seems false too. Work to do on vocals. Good luck.

Good 'Ol Boys Like Me

This is a really good production. Good mix of synth and acoustics. Sounds like real traditional Country. Voice and lyrics are not that strong and mumbled in places.
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