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Sold western cowboy song

Good western/cowboy song. Makes me think of Chris Ledoux and Marty Robbins. Very well written and the melody is classic cowboy country. Excellent work by all involved. I wish more people made music like this, it’s sad that it’s pretty much a lost art these days. David, please keep em coming.


Hi! It will be like an analog record because vocals are so conspicuous when it's only vocals on acoustic guitar...the atmosphere of the song is good. you may be more experienced about music then I am...a song is somewhat scaled out, but it is not so much a problem thank you

cowboy song review

a nice start of what I would call a cowboy tune, nice intrance as the instruments lead in to a smooth beat of the bass and the guitar blend in along with a strong vocals, the song is strong and meaningful, I would say a really cool song . Friend if you like a good listening tune, this is certainly one for you. A cowboy is pushing his cattle into cover but knows a storm is coming and the tone in his voice suggest he hurry. nice little piece of music. Job well done.


When I listen Your song I do not like..but I run it again...and I must say it is a nice ballad but need a lot of work it will help if You make a more complex arrangement and improve vocal ( some notes are off The Tune )..as You know Guitar and Vocal in any gender of Music is very hard to " make it"..yes Big Name People do it sometime..as it is I do not see that Radio Stations and Music Publishers will "jump on it" but with a Much Better Recording ..who know..I wish You a Good Luck hey try to pitch it and let's see what They will say...Good Job..

Vintage feel

The intro reminds me of Ghost Riders in the Storm. I remember the scene at Bob's Country Bunker in the Blues Brothers where they proudly proclaim they play "both kinds of music" Country and Western. Well this is western and I really like it. The guitars have a great tone and the Tex Mex flavor permeates in an enjoyable well. Keep looking for that lost rodeo and keep those traditions alive. We need this kind of music more and more today! Thank you and keep rocking that country! :)

Cool Cowboy Song

You have managed to create a nice song full of atmosphere and tension. The music fits perfectly to the lyric. The song is in the tradition of American Folk songs and reminds me a bit to Townes van Zandt and others protagonists of this genre. The melody sounds familiar, but I won't say it's a clone of something. A fiddle would be a good fit and would add some spice to the song if you consider to re-record this in a more professional way.

Authentic sound

David Carl, very nice song, the guitar riffs will stay with me a long time. Authentic voice and harmonies, not a lot of EQ, just honest music. Thought a very soft drum beat, or a consistent bass would have helped some with timing, a very minor point, but the sparse rhythm, and open-hearted lead have nowhere to hide, and a driving, unchangeable beat would help it all sync together. My guess is you have been there and done that. Your lyrics tell me things in a few words I have never read about in thick books. The minor progression is haunting and places the listener in the canyon, the crack between the lead bulls horns takes me there as well as a cinema production. If you decide to write a book, you could. Very remarkable song. Best of luck to you, please keep writing.

Coming of the Storm

This tune is well put together, and easy on the ears. It is a simple tune, carried by a good guitar, and effective use of harmonies. Especially recognized is its reference to the coming of Jesus.


Great song, and great musician good vocals nice job!! Carl has done a wonderful job creating his music and shows in the heartfelt lyric and soul he puts into all his musical productions. very good artist!!

Review of Coming of the Storm

Hi David! I love the eerie feel the music gives in this song. I write alot in the minor keys, too! Ooo, the thunder in the background is NICE!!! Well played instruments keep this playing on my computer for the duration! Your lead vocal is a bit muddy, prolly just an EQ thing... I just have to concentrate more to comprehend the words. When the high harmony comes in, it clears up completely. I LOVE IT!!! Congrats!

David Carl Mayfield - Coming of the Storm

Great song lyrically, composition, recording production, instrumentation, and vocals. This definitely follows a great old America story out with the doggies. Hopefully, others will find this gem and appreciate it's true value to Americana. Keep it running from the storm!!

Coming Of The Storm

Beautiful song! nicely done. I really enjoyed the music arrangement nice and smooth, I love minor chords. Very good vocals and lyrics. It has a great traditional sound really capturing the mood of a well told story. It shows alot of emotion and feeling in the vocals. The over all production sound quality is great. Congrats! on a well produced song.

Brewing up a storm

I could feel the rain running chills down my back, an authentic western song of a weather beaten man out in the plain surrounded by the majesty of nature and empowered by his sublimation defiant in the face of the impending darkness.

Coming of The Storm Review

I like the simplicity of this song, no frills, just some nice guitar work and well placed harmony vocals. The melody fits the message of the song and it's minor key conveys the writer's sense of apprehension and anticipation. I think a simple fiddle part would have been a nice touch. It would have supported the mournful and haunting quality in the melody. Lyrically, there is good imagery, utilizing the coming of a thunderstorm on the prairie as a metaphor for the storms or trials that come into our lives. I really like the idea conveyed by the third verse, comparing the cowboy's care of his cattle to how the "Good Shepherd" watches over us. I would have preferred to have heard it in the form of a bridge leading to the last verse. I also appreciate the fact that the rhyming isn't forced and the chorus is simple but effective. Overall, it's a good song.

Just cool

This song is actually cool. The acoustic guitar riff sticks to my mind, the vocals are superb and the melody reminds me of Johnny Cash version of Ghost Riders. Minor chords without being a sad song, that's a hard task. Excellent!!
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