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I really like the song a unique and creative song well composed and well put together this is a dancing type song keep on making great music and never stop creating I would like to hear more of your music and thank you for sharing your craft with the world have a blessed day and I hope this been helpful for you

hey man, that is cool.

up beat, happy,makes me smile. Bringing country back... Thank you. Great music,lyrics and I really like your voice. I feel the happiness in the song. Loretta Lynn would say, if you can't see the story in your mind and go to that place, the song didn't work. We'll you took me there. Great talent and I truly do look forward to hearing much more of your music. Would like to hear you with some traditional bluegrass.....

Missouri Music Rules

That acoustic guitar sounds sweet at the intro. The full sound kicking in kicks things up a notch. Great song and love your sound here. Headphone mixes are always the best, nice job there. Top notch musicanship, composition, and the lyrics are great too boot.Best music is going to be coming out Missouri for sure. Hope things are going well for you down in the bootheel. The only thing I would have done different is put a touch more verb on the lead vocal to blend it in the mix a tad more. But its still great! I think the sound is a great representation for some rural Missouri music.

A cross between Tom Waitts and "The Boss"

Good beat and melody. The message is good, too. Reminds me of Tom Waitts' music and Bruce Springsteen. It's a good tune for dancing and having a good time with. I'm willing to bet when it's played live, people are dancing and enjoying it a lot.

Could be John Hiatt

Very nice remided me of John Hiatt I hope you continue writing great music. Its good to hear this style of music being kept alive. I think many are searching for new music with some meaning and you have it.


Your music is great and is deep keep it up and you'll be going places you never really thought you would be going and i dont think it will take you anytime at all because the music/product speaks for itself so all you really need to do is stay focused and consistent and all that you strive for will come ten fold in no time but i really dig the tracks so ill appreciate it if you keep me posted for any future songs/videos you put out but all in all keep it up and im liking what im hearing

Simply Put

I like this song a lot. It brings to my mind the simpler days. Growing up things seem so larger than life when you're a kid, with the giants of concerns all around us as kids. But, looking back I realize we are only here for a short time and God only knows. With that said, Daniel, like your true raw vocals, hot guitar, drums and the simplicity of this song. I will say this, a job well done thank you for this song to hear. Songedge

Simple is always best

Simple is always best. This song starts off with a bare bones solo vocal soliloquy and an acoustic guitar setting the tone for this retrospective rocker from Daniel Owen and company. This is a story universal and essential to all who didn't grow up in the big city, but it took a guy from the heartland of this country to pick up a pen, chronicle it, and put it in a song. Daniel's songwriting style along with his delivery feels like a melding of John Mellencamp channeling Steve Earle with a touch of Joe Ely thrown in there just for good luck. Again, all of them not from the coasts, but from the heartland of this country. The stories about family, grandparents, switch discipline, and playing by firefly light into the night are stories from the generations...for the generations to come. Timeless. The musical treatment of is sparse with an electric guitar tone befitting a song of such substance as this. It has a gritty unaffected crunch playing riffs that hearken back to anthems of a bygone era like a CCR or John Hiatt song. The rhythm is steady and driving, but not full tilt boogie. Just the right pace to flow with the deeper meaning of all it's undertones. With a larger production budget I'd like to hear a B-3 in the background for added textures and maybe a fiddle or mandolin track. Mind you, thats just my imagination...runnin away with me.
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