Daniel owen / Simple Life / I Can't Breathe

I can't breathe

Hi Daniel, what a gorgeous song, very pretty and I love the feel of it. I love the guitar especially. Well written from the heart, and it shows. Thanks for sharing your talent. May God bless you, I wish you the very best with your music!


I really like the song very unique and very creative song well composed and I really like the lyrics thanks for sharing your craft with the world keep on making great music and at least I would like to hear more of your music have a great day and may God bless you in all your endeavors

country blues

fine production, and nice country blues ballad feel -- dig the big guitars and sweet organ.. vocals could be a bit more powerful with more concentration on pitch, but overall good sound 2.5 stars

Great song!

I really liked the way you used two different guitar tone so to give them space,it gives the song more room to breath.Everything was were it should be.The vocals and story line of the song were great!

A Nice Evening Groove

A very pleasant jam. Very much reminds me of Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight". The singers voice is a nice fit for this ballad. My suggestions would be give the organ a little bit of a solo during the breakdown and add some back-up vocal harmonies to flesh out the tune a little bit. I would also bring up the bass a little more as well as the kick drum. The guitar solo at the end would be cool as the intro or as a part of the breakdown... maybe some call and response action with the organ. Overall a very nice tune and well produced.

Soulful guitar sounds on this track

I really like the pro production on this song. The interplay between the guitars the keys and the vocals is well done. The guitars soar and dive and just sound great. The vocals are a bit too out front for my taste and need a little reverb to take the edge off and let the track breath. I wish you much success. BCINBERGEN

Not breathing

The singing and guitar playing are quite nice in this very laid-back piece but I don't like what he is saying. It is not my cup of tea but that is just a personal preference and American tastes are probably a whole lot different.

I can breathe

Intro is great and gives a right impression what is coming. I like the sound of the guitar and all technical sides... Mixing is done well and sound is clear and everything is in balance. Sound of the singer is good and nice. Maybe some background vocals could have been used to make song even better. Only thing I don´t like is lyrics. They are too full of cliches without right emotions for blues! Good lyrics could make this song a smasher. Music, composing and structure and sound makes this anyway very listenable and recommendable song.

The little things

Well written song from the sole the music is simple and goes well with the heartfelt vocals ! It is nice to hear well written and well performed songs ! Well done i am looking forward to hearing more from you !

I Can't Breath

Daniel my friend, I really enjoyed this on all levels. The production is great, love the lyrics & the melody. The lead guitar is very tastefully done. Your voice sounds good & would sound even better if it were stronger. I Would love to hear some harmonies to set it off, it's the only thing it lacks.
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