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Very nice

This is such a nice song to listen to. The favourite part for me was when you took the harmony a notch high and pushed it to another level,this to me made the song , I would have loved the harmony that strong all the way through, but yes I like this its great listening

Elegante y amable para el corazón...

Toda una intención de proponer un tema muy original y lleno de calidad. Ese comienzo en acústico junto a los arreglos sutiles de guitarras le dan un sabor exquisito para ser escuchada y disfrutarla. Sin duda las voces de sus dos intérpretes son lo mejor del tema, naturales y llenas de emotividad, de gran calidad artística ambas, como se van combinando que no suele ser tarea fácil, hace más encantadora su escucha. Los arreglos muy elegantes y una melodía redonda, amable y llena de curiosidades la hacen un bonito descubrimiento musical.

GREAT Meaning and Lyrics

I loved the meaning and the arangement of the song and even the melody and tune of the song. So dont get me wrong with the fact that I dont like it. There were a few areas in the song where yall seem to float of key and it threw my attention off the meaning of the song to say ehat happened there. Is all. Im not an expert and its just an oppion but it happend.like 3 times i think during the song. But other wize I loved it. Now I want you to know im not an expert but im speaking the truth in side of me. Music great even the singing is great except for a few areas that poped out at me enough to take my attention off the meaning of the song. So one recomendation maybe. would be to fix those spots with another voice or some thing and you would have a very very good song. Thanks JLE

Two Hearts One Blessing

Hi Dana. Once again, I have listened to this beautiful song that you have with Mike Ingram. It is such a beautiful, soulful, and basically feel good song. I love the way the music notes roll into each other, and how nicely it has been put together. I have recommended your song's quite regularly. I think it very important to get everyones music out there for people to hear, and I feel you really have something special. Best of Luck to you and your career, and Merry Christmas.

Kenneth warner

I really enjoyed this song and I'm glad that people still write songs that touches your Heart keep songs like this coming and the sky is the limit and check out my new single Love that lasts a lifetime by Kenneth Warner and check out our Band page Suthern Accent Band

Great duet love song

Wow What an awesome duet, this is going to wind up getting sang a lot at weddings and anniversaries. A really well written song, the arrangement compliments the song and the vocals are spot on. Great job by everyone concerned.


Two Hearts One Blessing is a very familiar piece, it immediately puts you at ease and does it in the most natural way possible. listening is simple, it does not ask you to pay attention but only to let yourself be lulled by the waves of a calm and tranquil sea. musically the piece is very well structured, the musical instruments used are very well assembled together and the musical construct is of the highest level. even your voices together make a nice effect

beautiful wedding song

your harmonies are stunning. beautiful song, not just for a wedding, but for the marriage as well. The melody fits the lyrics perfectly, as does the ethereal chord progression. the only thing I can suggest is to remove the fermata just before the chorus starts. what you have there is more of a disconnect than an effect. I keep wanting the 4/4 to continue, and then the chorus comes in unceremoniously. Just my personal opinion, for what it's worth.

two hearts review

Two hearts one blessing review , another strange musical start but blends right into the vocals and the bass picks up the vocals and tie them together in perfect harmony, a great job on this cover, each vocals support the other abd and the low slow steady beat of the musicicians lead you to a nice blended sound throughtout the entire song the drums come in to iththe othr instruments and make this a really nice delivery on the cover of this song. Enjoy this tune its A OK .

Two Hearts One Blessing

Nice slow mesmerizing tempo. Great story, and great vocals/harmonies. Vocals have been matched well with regards to speed of vibrato. Wonderful simple musical arrangement; dream like. Blessings, Trev. :)


This is not Your Best song.. I was expecting something much better for me is to "plain" and luck of energy is good to relax and do some meditations but...I like the melody the problem is haw The Big People in Music Bizz will react..I'm afraid that They will not jump on it...( what about if You rerecord it in different gender ( a Cabaret come to my head or a Pop with Full Arrangement )..is just My opinion and You ask for..Hey I like it.. for me I will relax..but What They will say.. I do not know..Who knows what They are looking for at this moment..I wish You good luck with pitching.. Good Job..

Love ballad

A heartfelt lyric about two lovers. Good melody, was looking for a little more in the verses and chorus, some imagery, something deeper lyrically. I always believe it's better to show than tell. The third verse has a nice image. The other two need to raise to that level. Also, maybe a musical or melodic change in the third verse to set it apart. Good work it sounds great just needs to go deeper lyrically. :)


Two Hearts One Blessing. Wonderful song. Great Title! As a duet your voices blend beautifully. I'm going to be playing this song on a loop for a while. So nice! Best song I've listened to in a while. I really, really like it!!! No complaints. I can't even offer constructive critisism. Nothing to critisize. Great sound, great voices, great music, great song!

Sweet Country Duett

I like the feel of the song, sweet and heart-warming. It's quite old fashioned, but who cares. There is only one thing: I'm missing a bit of dynamic. There is no real climax, no bridge, no instrumental part. Within nearly four minutes musically there is not happing very much, the song burbles a bit along. Listening to it for a second or third time get's a bit boring. I Just think there is some room to make it even better, if you would add some spice and variety.

Review from Mike

Like the interdiction and tempo of the song. Always enjoy duets and this song was no exception as you can feel the closeness between the two singers and would definitely listen to it again.
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