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review forever yours

a nice little tune by Dana and Mike Ingram great musical intruduction blends right into some great vocals bythee two stars set down and pull up a chair and enjoy the guitar licks and the bass licks and the whinning fiddle and the drums not missing a beat and the harmony of these two great singers i hope you enjoy as much as I did, a love stroy thaT UNFLODS AS THE SONG PROGRESSES RIGHT UP TO THE END. nOTE THE MUSICAl artist thaT ADDS TO THIS SONG. ALL ARE VERY STRONG .

Beautiful Singing

You duet partner sounds like Big Al Anderson of NRBQ. Nice song, think about placing the hook/chorus.. it takes 2 minutes before it happens. Good solid musicianship, the backing tracks sound real nice.

Really nice

Nice voice you've got there Dana. The male voice should be in my opinion in the background in the service of you're singing. I'll think it would be much stronger and sounds overwhelming. It seems to carrie your voice so heavenly. Also the music sounds great. just as it should be, the color, the spirit. It has all what a really good songs need whiteout getting bored. I don't hear always good music, but finally here is one.


Forever Yours duet featuring Mike Ingram is a very romantic piece, very introspective, exquisitely melodic, decidedly country. the piece gives back to the listener unique sensations, as it could be the vision of a painting that shows an uncharted, luxuriant nature and that every time you look at it gives you something, a detail, a new stroke of color in the grayness of a life without start this piece is the rainbow

Reviewed by Mike Stewart

Been collaborating with Dana for years, so I'm a little bias with my review. Dana and Mike are 1st class in my book and have always performed well. This was written for my wife and the words still hold true till this day. Many have questioned the title of the song and how it was not part of the lyrics; which is not uncommon in the music industry. It's true I've could have name it "I could never get enough of your love" but I wanted a title that would define my love for my wife and I felt " Forever Yours" had a stronger connection. Anyway, I love the song and especially I enjoy listening to Dana and Mike with all my work and also their work as well. They also song a duet with another song of mine called "My Lorna Doon" look it up and review. Thanks

Forever Yours

Nice song guys. Do you think that you might be able to drop the song an octave? The artist singing the male part seemed to have trouble reaching the highest notes at the "just when I feel" part. Nice arrangement between male/female parts. Nice use, and mix, of instruments. Nice harmonies. Some spots could use a bit tighter vocals, but over-all pretty good. Nice chopping with the guitar. It seemed to give a sense of emotional progression of the story. Nice use of the electric guitar for the cross-over into the next portion of the story. Keep it Dana. Blessings, Trev. :)

Solid song

The lyric of the song is a bit simple and cliche but it works quite well here. The feel of the song is ok, it's nicely arranged, but certainly a bit to dated for todays radio. Unfortunately the singing messed the whole thing up a bit. The song is definitely not in the right key for the male vocalist.

Mid tempo ballad

Good opening line about growing older and wiser. The vocalist is struggling with the high notes but the melody is solid. It's a personable heartfelt song and has commercial potential. Good song the instruments are solid, good lead guitar. This is type of song you'd hear on American Idol or similar shows. Why is the song called Forever Yours, I can never get enough of your love is what I thought the title was. Anyway, good pro effort and best of luck pitching this to an artist. You're well on your way!

Forever Yours duet

I absolutely love your song! It's very beautiful! You both have amazing voices and are very talented! You both definitely have a future in the music industry!! Keep up the great work! I hope to hear more from you!

On Forever Yours.

Love all the songs you have done. Amazing Work. You are both a Terrific contributor To Songs with Heart. Keep it up Look forward to the Next. Your friend, kevin j herman kevinjhermanmusic, Chicago


The verses is obviously out of the stable range for the gentleman. The second verse is out of range for the lady. If you guys get the flat harmonies corrected and the song in the right key, it would be a good song. I know it sounds harsh but it's just the truth. Pitch issues are very noticeable. When it's together its good but, there are alot of points it's not on par and it makes the song non commercial. Sorry.

Hello from Jerzy..

I listen Your song 2 times...I must say this is not Your Best work...I just My opinion.. but I do NOT like Male Vocal...seem to me like He is struggling ..I Like Your Voice....it is an average song good to be perform life on Concerts but Music Publishers will bot sign it.. as You know these days They are looking for an Outstanding Song not just average...well try to send it to AM / FM Radio and let see what They will say...I wish You a good luck with it...

Forever Yours

Nicely Written Tune with Good Song Structure. Nicely Arranged Duet! Very Simple with good use of the Acoustic Guitar and Banjo. The Electric Guitar is a nice touch, not too overdone, to accent this lovely song. Male Vocals remind me a little of a younger "Burl Ives" singing his Iconic Tunes that everyone still remembers! Keep up the good work, and please check out my newly released Album "Johnny O and Friends" on UTube. Would greatly appreciate Feedback! "Johnny O"

Forever Review

I'm enjoying the production and the instruments, use of guitars, separation of tracks, etc. The harmonies had a nice blend. My few thoughts were that some of the vocal range were a little strained. A question for me was the title of the song was not part of the song. Overall a nice song.
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